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with self-guided videos, online documentation, open enrollment workshops and custom live sessions, we offer training solutions for every need.

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to our materials as we continue to improve and grow our libraries. We're committed to education in the digital currency space.

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The Digital Currency Council offers educational programs to meet various individual and organizational needs. Whether short online courses tailored for specific professions, to more in-depth hybrid learning programs that leverage both online and offline resources, to workshops across the globe and training programs at client sites, the DCC maintains the highest standard for independent, objective, clear, and practical training on digital currencies, including Bitcoin and Blockchain related technologies.

"I only wish the DCC was available when I was finding my footing in the ecosystem. The DCC provides the professional adviser an efficient means for getting quickly up to speed on digital currencies, so he or she can take a leadership role in the new economy."

- Barry Silbert, CEO of the Digital Currency Group

What Material is Covered by DCC Training Courses?

Core 1: Origins & Technical Underpinnings

This Core covers the technical and historical basics necessary to understand the higher-level material covered later on in the course, including the history of digital cash, and the basic cryptographic building blocks that underpin Bitcoin.

Core 2: Properties & Monetary Implications

This Core expands on the technical underpinnings to describe the resulting overall properties of the Bitcoin system. This includes monetary and transaction properties, as well as mining dynamics, fees, risks, and "programmable money."

Core 3: Practical Use

This Core dives into practical digital currency usage. We demonstrate the different types of Bitcoin wallet software, show transactions using them, and take a real-world look at "the blockchain."

Core 4: Ecosystem

This Core provides an understanding of how the Bitcoin ecosystem functions. This includes discussion of Bitcoin Core Development, Miners, Full Node operators, Alt-coins, Companies, Investors, and how various stakeholders interact.

Core 5: Accounting & Finance

This Core begins by examining how bitcoin can be considered a financial asset, and what valuation methodologies analysts are applying to it. From there, we discuss Bitcoin's unique risks, exchanges and trading, and accounting and tax implications.

Core 6: Regulatory & Legal

This Core covers key guidance from FinCEN, Money Services Business (MSB) regulations, State regulations including the New York State BitLicense, and other legal issues, including recent court cases and enforcement actions.

DCC Certified™ Professionals Come from the World's Leading Firms

DCC Training is

The DCC Professional training course provides you with over 7 hours of self-guided videos on bitcoin and blockchain technologies. Our curriculum was created by a leading Bitcoin expert and vetted by our curriculum committee.

Independent providing an unbiased data driven understanding of the key concepts

Objective outlining both the risks and the opportunities of specific decisions

Clear articulating key concepts in an organized and logical manner

Practical ensuring that the student leaves the program with hard skills that can be utilized immediately

Efficient conveying knowledge in hours that would take years to develop through self-teaching

Impactful driving real world decisions that will have a demonstrable effect on outcomes

"Many advisers lack the knowledge needed to guide their clients successfully in Bitcoin-related investments."

- Wall Street Journal, January 9, 2015

DCC Training Packages:

Online Bitcoin Explorer Course

The Explorer Curriculum is uniquely designed for the busy professional in need of a primer on digital currencies. Three distinct courses - tailored for lawyers, accountants, and financial professionals.
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Self-Guided Professional Training Course

This seven hour online program supplemented by personalized interaction with the DCC Director of Curriculum and members of the DCC Advisory Faculty covers the six core competencies of the Digital Currency Professional and prepares the student for the DCC Certification Examination.
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Open-enrollment Training Workshops

The DCC hosts live open-enrollment workshops in select cities and online. These programs have the benefit of live instruction, allowing an opportunity for significant interaction with a DCC Curriculum Director. Location and focus of these open-enrollment workshops are based on demand.
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Custom Enterprise Training Solutions

Firms are increasingly asking the DCC to present its premium programs at their offices for employees who are exploring their organization’s participation in the digital currency economy. Enterprise training programs are completely bespoke and tailored to meet the organization’s specific goals.
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