This seven hour online program supplemented by personalized interaction with the DCC Director of Curriculum and members of the DCC Advisory Faculty covers the six core competencies of the Digital Currency Professional and prepares the student for the DCC Certification Examination.


The Professional Certification Program covers the six core competencies tested in the DCC Certification Exam.  Each core aligns to a module in the program.


Module 1: Origins and Technical Underpinning

This module covers the technical and historical basics necessary to understand the higher-level material covered later on in the course. The history of digital cash, cryptographic underpinnings, and Bitcoin’s network design are covered in this module. Topics in this module are technical, but do not assume any prior understanding of computer network design or cryptography. We define, introduce, and contextualize: hash functions, digital signatures, proofs of work, Bitcoin transactions, Bitcoin mining, and the overall Bitcoin consensus network.


Module 2: Properties and Monetary Implications

This module expands on the technical underpinnings to describe the resulting overall properties of this system. This includes monetary and transaction properties (including irreversibility and pseudonymity) as well as mining dynamics, fees, and risks. Module 2 also covers Bitcoin nomenclature and the concept of “programmable money”.


Module 3: Practical Use

This module dives into practical digital currency usage. We demonstrate the different types of Bitcoin wallet software, and show transactions using them. Topics covered include: local desktop wallets, phone wallets, web-wallets, “cold-storage”, and the many current and future potential use cases of Bitcoin. This module also provides an introduction to “reading the blockchain”, including both the theory of how to think about Bitcoin transactions, and some specific online tools to inspect the blockchain.


Module 4: Ecosystem

This module provides an understanding of how the Bitcoin ecosystem functions. This includes discussion of how the Bitcoin Core Developers, Miners, and Full Node operators interact, and how has what sort of influence on the network as a whole. We also cover many of the large corporate players in the ecosystem, and we dive into a number of the so-called “Alt-Coin” and “Bitcoin 2.0” projects which are expanding the use of Blockchain technology beyond simple currency transactions.


Module 5: Accounting and Finance

This module begins by examining how bitcoin can be considered a financial asset, and what valuation methodologies analysts are applying to it. From there, we discuss related topics including: the unique risks Bitcoin faces as an asset class, the exchange and trading infrastructure, and accounting and tax implications. Finally, we touch on some of the new opportunities that globally transparent blockchain technologies may provide to the financial and accounting sectors.


Module 6: Regulatory and Legal

This module covers the guidance from the US Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN), Money Services Business (MSB) regulations, State regulations including the New York State BitLicense, and other legal issues, including recent court cases and enforcement actions.


Professional Certification Course Students also benefit from:


  • Unlimited access to the DCC Curriculum Director’s office hours
  • Three 30 minute consultations with members of the DCC Advisory Faculty
  • DCC study guide, including 34 lesson summaries
  • Suggested readings from the DCC Library provide an even more in-depth understanding
  • Timely research and analysis on current issues facing the digital currency economy
  • Insights from professional members of the Digital Currency Council who drive discussions on key issues
  • Quizzes to test your knowledge after each lesson and each Core, highlighting the knowledge critical to further education
  • DCC Continuing Education program ensures you keep up to date at online and live events long after you complete the course
  • Preparation for the DCC Certification Exam, successful completion of which earns the designation DCC Certified
  • Exclusive invitations to events for course alumni and DCC members
  • Access to the DCC Member referral network, through which members seek and share business opportunities


The Next Professional Certification Program is currently accepting students.


Available for $2995. Discounts for DCC members.