The DCC tailors educational programs to meet the goals of its enterprise clients. Trainings are designed for groups from five to 100 professionals over from 45 minutes to 8 hours. We take our students from beginner to thought leader through our independent, objective, clear, practical, efficient, and impactful programs.


While enterprise trainings are customized, clients are encouraged to consider the core competencies as a base of understanding for their team.



The DCC Enterprise Training Programs support students before, during and after the session with:

  1. 20 minute video introduction to the foundational concepts of Bitcoin and blockchain technologies
  2. 30-question self assessment test that will allow the faculty to tailor the live program to the pre-existing knowledge base of the participants
  3. Short list of suggested readings, supplemented by a library of in-depth resources

During the on-site training session, participants will be provided:

  1. Interactive learning modules ensure the engagement of students
  2. Course book which highlights key points in the curriculum and enables students to reinforce concepts
  3. Trainer with a deep subject matter expertise

After the on-site training session, participants will be provided:

  1. 7 hours of self-guided video review materials
  2. Access to consulting and the DCC expert network (for additional fee)
  3. Discounts at DCC Partner Continuing Education Programs
  4. Membership in the Digital Currency Council for one-year (additional years for a fee)




“The DCC provided insight into the digital currency economy that has made a demonstrable impact on our team’s understanding of, and therefore ability to cover, the issues important to our viewers.”  – Brian Kelly, CNBC Commentator





“The DCC presented the opportunities and risks of Bitcoin investing to our Family Office CIO’s in clear and straightforward manner that will no doubt drive decisions that will impact their respective portfolios.” – Angelo Robles, President, Family Office Association




Enterprise Training Programs begin at $8000