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    Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada’s Pro Bono Project offers a variety of Ask-A-Lawyer programs for unrepresented individuals to receive free 15-minute consultations with volunteer attorneys. When you appoint someone to act for you under a power of attorney, there are a number of choices that must be made about the kinds of decisions the attorney will be able to make and when the attorney can act for you. The definition of an attorney is a professional who has graduated from law school and who is licensed to represent clients in legal matters.

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    Your capacity also impacts when your Power of Attorney ends. An attorney is a lawyer who has successfully completed his registration with the State Bar. Volunteer attorneys answer your questions on the State Bar of Arizona and ABC15’s Let Joe Know, Ask a Lawyer Phone Bank public service program. Before you or a loved one signs any documents, however, be sure to consult with an attorney concerning all applicable laws and regulations.

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    As a rule, in the United States the terms lawyer and attorney are interchangeable. As a small business attorney (and owner of a small law firm), I understand where this article is coming from and the desire of small business owners to keep costs down. The individual need not be an attorney and the written document is often called a Power of Attorney. A property and financial affairs lasting power of attorney can be made to give your attorney the right to make financial decisions, such as managing your bank account.

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    For example, a general power of attorney may give your attorney-in-fact the right to sign documents for you, pay your bills, and conduct financial transactions on your behalf. For example, if another person is acting on your behalf to sell an automobile, the motor vehicles department generally will require that the power of attorney be presented before your agent’s authority to sign the title will be honored.

    When it comes time for a principal to sign their Power of Attorney document, a witness (or witnesses), and notary, if required, must be present to watch the principal initial each page of the document and then sign it themselves using their legal signature (the signature they use to sign legal documents or bank checks). If an agreement cannot be reached and one or both parties choose to proceed to court, the attorneys and experts are disqualified from proceeding further on an adversarial basis.