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    We at Singapore Martial Arts (Pinyin : Xing Zhou Guo Shu), strive to preserve and promote Chinese Culture & Traditional Chinese Martial arts training and that we take action by Posting articles regarding Chinese Culture, Past and organising group lessons in Traditional Chinese Martial arts training.

    Traditional Chinese Martial Arts apart from Self Defence, will also help someone Look after yourself and Develop Character. Good health, we mean not simply being clear of illness, additionally, it includes to be able to work energetically, react quickly and concentrate. Furthermore, unlike combat sports, Traditional Chinese Martial arts training should be practice in any respect ages, even well past 70 years of age, the more time anybody practices, the greater the individual becomes.

    The teaching of Traditional Chinese Martial arts training also emphasizes moral development, stressing fundamental traditional Chinese values of Loyalty, Filial Piety, Benevolence and Righteousness. Every one of these qualities, acquired through Traditional Chinese Martial Arts training, can help someone in family and work life, and it can also assist the individual educate her or his children.

    Currently our club is organising monthly Kung Fu Workshop with all the combine drilling of Qigong, Southern Style Kung Fu, Chinese Sanda Kickboxing and Traditional Chinese Fighting styles Weapons of Sabre, Spear, Sword and Staff guided by our volunteer committee members. Our Kung Fu Workshop is supposed to function as platform for starters to understand more about Chinese culture and also to experience Traditional Chinese Martial arts training through the fundamental level.

    As a result of we now have met trainees experiencing asthma and chronic join pains, we’ve got required an extremely “Gentle Approach” to coaching in comparison to commercial gyms. We will never push our trainees to teach hard, glowing take breaks any time during training. It’s the trainees’ replacement for choose how hard they wish to train and just how so much they want to learn. Please go to our web site to get more information…

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