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David Bensoussan




Gray Swan Asset Management, Inc.




Los Angeles





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Bought bitcoin in 2011. From website David spent his childhood in both California and France, giving him an international perspective. In 2000 he graduated from U.C. Santa Barbara with Dean’s Honors. He then formed an investment partnership before continuing his studies, and in 2006 received an M.A. in International Politics from U.C. Irvine. His thesis, on the “Commodification of Mortgages in the United States,” correctly asserted that Wall Street’s bundling of subprime and other mortgages into the equivalent of commodity products would have dire economic consequences.

His business ventures have benefited from his “hands on” expertise assessing value. This experience, combined with timely research and analysis interpreting and acting on macroeconomic variables, gives him an edge over many financial analysts. David’s research and timing skills help him identify trend reversals at the most opportune time and profitably capitalize on them. As an individual investor, David made a significant sum predicting the demise of Bear Stearns in 2008, and then parlayed those gains into a lucrative real estate partnership that started purchasing foreclosed properties for historically low prices in early 2009.

David believes that market inefficiencies lead to profitable opportunities for investors able to identify value. In 2010 he ascertained that the economic crisis had attenuated enough to make buying stocks with very low price earnings multiples a lucrative proposition. Gaining experience across many different market sectors and fine tuning his investment strategy provided the impetus to launch a professional financial advisory firm, Gray Swan Asset Management, in 2013.

Company Description

Complex markets call for a nuanced approach to investing. Gray Swan Asset Management employs a thorough and informed strategy to maximize your investment returns.

There are many shades of gray. We analyze economic and political variables as well as your personal financial situation to tailor a resilient portfolio that will withstand the test of time.