The DCC's Media Hub provides free and easy resources for journalists and media professionals covering Bitcoin and Blockchain technologies. Below you'll find free resources, ranging from easily embeddable charts, to succinct explanations of complex topics, cited quotations from public figures, and much more. The resources found in this media-hub are free to use and distribute for any purpose.

In One Sentence

Succinct explanations of common Bitcoin terms and concepts. Deeper explanations and context are also available.

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Common Misconceptions

Some topics are repeatedly the subject of confusion and misinformation. Avoid factual errors by checking this list before publishing.

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Everyone has an opinion on Bitcoin. Find dozens of cited and dated quotations from notable public figures here.

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This library contains easily-embeddable charts tracking Bitcoin and the broader Digital Currency ecosystem.

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Alts & 'Bitcoin 2.0'

The alt-coin and so-called "Bitcoin 2.0" space is difficult to track. Here is an overiew of this rapidly evolving landscape.

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Bitcoin Basics

Learn the basics of what Bitcoin is, how it works, and why it's fundamentally different than other forms of electronic transaction.

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Key Impact: Financial

An excerpt from the DCC's Finanical Professionals Explorer Course, this video broadly covers financial topics pertaining to Bitcoin.

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Key Impact: Accounting

An excerpt from the DCC's Accounting Professionals Explorer Course, this video discusses the accounting impact of digital currencies.

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Key Impact: Legal

An excerpt from the DCC's Legal Professionals Explorer Course, this video covers legal topics related to Bitcoin and digital currencies.

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