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At the DCC we are committed to providing independent, objective, clear, practical, efficient and impactful education on the rapidly emerging digital currency economy, including Bitcoin and the Blockchain. Trainings are designed to help professionals meet and exceed the high standards set by the DCC Certification Exam, as well as to advance the knowledge that will drive the students’ careers.

"A client approached me about digital currencies. They asked if Bitcoin should be part of their investment portfolio. I didn't have enough knowledge to advise the client, but I joined the Digital Currency Council and now feel comfortable discussing the pros and cons of digital currencies with my clients."

- Jay Hack, Financial Advisor

What Material is Covered by DCC Certification?

Successful candidates for DCC Certification have demonstrated competency in the six core competency areas of a digital currency professional, including:

Core 1: Origins & Technical Underpinnings

This Core covers the technical and historical basics necessary to understand the higher-level material covered later on in the course, including the history of digital cash, and the basic cryptographic building blocks that underpin Bitcoin.

Core 2: Properties & Monetary Implications

This Core expands on the technical underpinnings to describe the resulting overall properties of the Bitcoin system. This includes monetary and transaction properties, as well as mining dynamics, fees, risks, and "programmable money."

Core 3: Practical Use

This Core dives into practical digital currency usage. We demonstrate the different types of Bitcoin wallet software, show transactions using them, and take a real-world look at "the blockchain."

Core 4: Ecosystem

This Core provides an understanding of how the Bitcoin ecosystem functions. This includes discussion of Bitcoin Core Development, Miners, Full Node operators, Alt-coins, Companies, Investors, and how various stakeholders interact.

Core 5: Accounting & Finance

This Core begins by examining how bitcoin can be considered a financial asset, and what valuation methodologies analysts are applying to it. From there, we discuss Bitcoin's unique risks, exchanges and trading, and accounting and tax implications.

Core 6: Regulatory & Legal

This Core covers key guidance from FinCEN, Money Services Business (MSB) regulations, State regulations including the New York State BitLicense, and other legal issues, including recent court cases and enforcement actions.

DCC Certified™ Professionals Come from the World's Leading Firms

Should I Get DCC Certified?

DCC Certification isn’t for everyone, nor even every Bitcoin enthusiast. It is a designation of competency and professionalism reserved for those who seek to achieve it. DCC Certification is recommended if:

You are advising others, particularly clients, on digital currencies You are seeking professional opportunities in the digital currency economy You hold yourself to a high standard of competency and professionalism

"The DCC Certification, like other professional certifications, allows us to hold professionals who are advising clients to a higher standard, and provide a benchmark for evaluating skill and professional value. "

- Barry Silbert, CEO of the Digital Currency Group

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The DCC Self Assessment is a 30 question quiz that draws questions from the same six core competencies covered by the DCC Certification Exam. Completion of the DCC Self Assessment will help you determine if you are sufficiently prepared for the DCC Certification Exam or would be better served to continue your studies with the DCC Professional Certification Training Program.
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Enroll in the DCC Professional Certification Training Program

The DCC Professional Certification Training Program is a seven hour online program supplemented by personalized interaction with the DCC Director of Curriculum and members of the DCC Advisory Faculty covers the six core competencies of the Digital Currency Professional and prepares the student for the DCC Certification Examination. The Professional Certification Program covers the six core competencies tested in the DCC Certification Exam.
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Benefits of Certification

DCC Certification is a significant professional accomplishment and one that will reap tangible benefits throughout your career.

  • Preference for client referrals, when expertise is suitable

  • Preference for public speaking opportunties at major events, when expertise is suitable

  • Preference for media interviews, when expertise is suitable

  • Listing on the DCC Certified Professional page on the Digital Currency Council website

  • Use of DCC Certified badge on your online profiles and bios, marking your command of the six core competency areas of the Digital Currency Professional

About the Exam

The DCC Certification is administered by the DCC Director of Curriculum in consultation with the DCC Curriculum Committee and with the input of experts across the globe. To become DCC Certfied, candidates must pass a rigorous 100-question exam. Exams are reviewed and results provided within one month of each examination. To maintain certification, individuals must participate in pre-approved continuing education programs to demonstrate their commitment to maintaining a high standard of competency in the continuously evolving digital currency economy.


DCC Certification can help you answer client questions, win new clients, and standout in this emerging field.

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