DCC Certified professionals commit to maintain their certification in good standing while identifying themselves as DCC Certified. A public database of all DCC Certified professionals in good standing will be maintained on the Digital Currency Council website.

A certification will be considered in good standing when the following requirements are met.


Continuing Education Requirements

Each DCC Certified professional is required to complete 5 credit hours per quarter of approved training courses through the DCC or any DCC approved training provider. A list of DCC approved continuing education providers is available here.

If continuing education credit hours are not completed in one quarter, they may be completed later in the membership year – permitted 20 hours are completed each membership year – to maintain good standing. However, given the rapid development of the digital currency landscape, all members are highly encouraged to complete the required 5 credit hours each quarter.

DCC Certified professionals must attest to the completion of the continuing education requirements annually. Each professional is asked to maintain his or her own records and, if selected for an audit, he or she will be asked to present proof of completion of the required hours.

DCC Certified professionals who retire or change careers may apply to be placed on retired status and, once approved, need not complete further continuing education.



The DCC retains the right to revoke a membership and certification for any reason and will do so at its discretion without explanation or compensation if it becomes aware of ethically questionable activity.

All DCC Certified professionals are required to comply with the ethical obligations of their chosen profession and other professional organizations of which they are a member. At this time, the DCC has not adopted a specific code of ethics, preferring to allow the digital currency economy to further develop before addressing ethical issues specific to it. However, the DCC reserves the right to adopt such a code as it deems necessary at any time.



Digital Currency Council dues – which cover the cost of maintaining the professional association and providing new tools for its members – must be maintained at the Basic level or above to maintain certification in good standing.