Where is the DCC Certification Exam administered?

The Examination is offered online at digitalcurrencycouncil.com and at select locations across the globe.


Is the examination offered in languages other than English?

No. At this time, the Examination is offered only in English


Is there a time limit for completing the examination?

No. Most Candidates complete the Examination in about 90 minutes.


What are the component parts of the DCC Certification Exam?

The Examination covers 6 core competencies, each of which is reviewed in the professional training program. These include:


  1. Origins and Technical Underpinnings
  2. Properties and Monetary Implications
  3. Practical Use
  4. Ecosystem
  5. Finance and Accounting
  6. Regulatory and Legal


Must all six core competencies be taken at one time?

Yes. The six core competencies are covered at random in the DCC Certification Exam. Candidates for Certification may not be Certified in a subset of competencies.


What if a Candidate does not pass the Examination?

If a professional is not successful in passing the DCC Certification exam, he or she will be permitted to take the exam again after one month. To avoid this delay, in preparation for the certification exam, members are encouraged to take the practice exam in advance of commencing the certification exam.


What types of questions are included?

The Examination is composed of multiple-choice questions.


How difficult is the DCC Certification Exam? What is the pass rate?

The DCC Certification Exam is very challenging, establishing a high yet achievable bar for the profession. Examinations are graded in batches on a curve. The specific pass rate is not disclosed.


What is the Examination fee?
The Examination fee is $299 for Basic Members of the DCC, but is waived for Professional Members of the DCC.