Bloggers Belittle Women’s Achievements in Bitcoin

-+*Source: Felix Salmon, acclaimed journalist and notorious Bitcoin skeptic, made waves in the digital currency community this week by turning a review of Nathaniel Popper’s forthcoming book, “Digital Gold,” into a lament about gender issues.

Establishing Trust in the Bitcoin Ecosystem

-+*Source: On October 31, 2008, Satoshi Nakamoto proposed “a system for electronic transactions without relying on trust.” Yet, it can be fairly argued that trust, or a lack thereof, has been at the heart of the troubles in the bitcoin ecosystem since that day. While the technology has been and continues to be robust,… Read more »

Digital Currency Council Joins 500 Startups Accelerator

-+*Source: The Digital Currency Council (DCC) announced it will join 500 Startups following a investment from the prestigious accelerator and Bitcoin Opportunity Corp. Funded by PayPal and Google alumni, the programme will see all DCC team members living in the same house for four months and attempting to complete a series of rigorous business… Read more »

Exclusive: Bitcoin’s Digital Currency Council packs bags for 500 Startups

-+*Source: UpStartBusinessJournal At 1pm tomorrow Digital Currency Council founder and CEO, David Berger will take off from Newark Liberty International Airport on his way to Silicon Valley. There, he and his entire core team will spend the next four months running through a rigorous gauntlet of business exercises in the prestigious 500 Startupsaccelerator. But it’s… Read more »

Bitcoin Taxes: The Professionals, The Digital Currency Council

-+*Source: This week on the Bitcoin Taxes series, we will be discussing a quality service that connects professionals in the world of digital currency with clients that have specific needs. The Digital Currency Council (DCC), is a great organization for professionals looking to specialize in a certain area of digital currency and for clients… Read more »

Barry Silbert Shares Vision for Bitcoin Industry Professional Development

-+*Source: The success of the Digital Currency Council (DCC) is exciting and timely for everyone involved in, and everyone who will become involved in, the digital currency economy. Similar standards-based professional organizations have been critical to the functioning of our traditional economy, and there is little doubt that the DCC will play an equally… Read more »

Weekend Reading: ~30 Blogs from Bitcoin Women

-+*A special Sunday post to wrap up Bitcoin Women’s Week… I have thoroughly enjoyed the product of the Digital Currency Council’s week-long focus on women in bitcoin. Mostly because they did more than pay lip service to the need for more active involvement in the industry by women; they actually dedicated their blog and platform… Read more »

Recognizing Women in Bitcoin – The Week in Review from Decentral.TV

-+*Source: Sunday was International Women’s Day, when the Bitcoin community is joined with others around the world to promote awareness of women’s issues by launching its first Bitcoin Women’s Day. Like International Women’s Day, “Bitcoin Women’s Day is not just for women,” says Sarah Boone Martin of the Digital Currency Council. The issues that women… Read more »


-+*Source: For all the ladies out there, Sunday, March 8th is going to be a very special day. For over 100 years, the world has celebrated International Women’s Day, and now the Bitcoin community will celebrate the first annual Bitcoin Women’s Day. This will shine a light on the integration and accomplishments of women within the… Read more »