“This kind of
certification program
is badly needed.”

Patrick Murck
Executive Director
Bitcoin Foundation

“The DCC allows our firm to stay current with all things digital currency.”
Ryan Lazanis
Xen Accounting

“The DCC helps professionals capitalize on emerging opportunities.”
Barry Silbert
Founder and CEO
Bitcoin Opportunity Corp.

Forward thinking accountants are playing a key role in developing standards and a sense of order in the digital currency economy.

The US Internal Revenue Service and its peer regulators across the globe are keenly focused on providing clarity to digital currency holders and merchants, and you should be too.

Our comprehensive training program will cover the core competencies for accountants in the digital currency economy, including what to consider when reporting, recording, and planning your clients’ tax obligations. Further, Leaders in the Digital Currency Council will have access to prospective clients who inquire with the organization about their specific expertise or are referred to the DCC’s Accounting Society by their DCC peers in other professions.

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WHO IS JOINING THE DCC?Leading professionals seeking to capture new opportunities in the growing digital currency economy.


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