Bitcoin awareness high among respondents to UK ‘Bitcoin Barometer’

*+-Source: Following the UK government’s “Call for Information” on digital currencies, the Digital Currency Council (DCC) recently released results of a survey of a nationally representative sample of UK citizens that gauged their opinion about Bitcoin. Called the “Bitcoin Barometer,” the study is the first in a series of independent studies the DCC has… Read more »

David Berger On The Growing Popularity Of Bitcoin (BTC)

*+-Source: Bidness Etc recently had the chance to speak with David Berger, CEO of the Digital Currency Council, about the study his firm conducted on the UK sentiment toward bitcoin. Digital Currency Council is an association that provides training, certification, and ongoing support for professionals in the digital currency economy. Q) From your research,… Read more »

DCC/BBA Weekly Bitcoin Market Update


*+-This weekly feature is brought to you by DCC Member Adam Wyatt of BullBear Analytics. Market Commentary (BTC): Following a few weeks of consolidation off of the 453 $ spike high, the bitcoin markets are now getting their sea legs back. 350 $ ended up being the battleground level as bull and bears squared off there… Read more »

Survey Reports British Residents Aware of Bitcoin, but Not Embracing It Yet

*+-Source: Bitcoin’s reputation, perception, and acceptance levels run the gamut worldwide. Acceptance in the U.S., China, and Australia is relatively strong. Some nations seek to suppress it through legislation and even ban it in places like Russia and Bangladesh. And if you have poor internet connectivity, you are destined to be on the outside… Read more »

5 Dumb Things said by Smart People


*+-Contrarian investing, going long when the crowd is shorting, is not a new concept. But given the current environment, where celebrities seem to have more influence than reason and high profile people have a microphone or twitter feed in front of them constantly, I’d like to propose a new investment strategy. Let’s call it “Smart… Read more »

LibraTax White Paper: Introduction to Digital Currencies for Professionals


*+-Below is an excerpt from a white paper published by LibraTax. The full white paper entitled “Introduction to Digital Currencies for Professionals” can be found on the the firm’s website at Jake Benson, the founder and CEO of LibraTax, is a member of the DCC. Tax Treatment of Digital Currency Digital currencies are subject to… Read more »