Exploring Digital Currency and E-payments in the Caribbean


*+-This article was originally published by Shiva Bissessar in the Trinidad Express and posted on the Pinaka Technology Solutions blog. It is reposted here with permission.  In November 2014, the UN Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) commenced a study entitled “Opportunities and risks associated with the advent of digital currency in the Caribbean,” where… Read more »

What Do the UN’s New Sustainable Development Goals Mean for the Blockchain?


*+-The UN is conducting a Summit this week (Sept 25 – 27, 2015) to adopt the post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These are meant to shape national level strategies for development and poverty alleviation for the next 15 years.  The 17 goals include items like: ensuring gender equality, achieving food security, combating climate change, conserving… Read more »

Call for Participation: The 2015 Digital Currency Adoption Survey is now open!


*+-Coin Academy is now in the process of gathering data for their first white paper project: The Digital Currency Adoption Report. As part of the research process, a short survey has been created for digital currency owners around the world. The survey is now available online at http://digitalagencyasia.com/email-marketing/mailer/surveys.php?id=8 

DCC Convenes LIVE Social Impact Chat with Factom, BitGive, MIT’s Media Lab, and Code to Inspire

*+-On September 15th, the Digital Currency Council partnered with TechChange, the leading provider of online education in technology and social change, to host a LIVE conversation about how digital currency can impact global development. Headline speakers included: Factom’s President, Peter Kirby The BitGive Foundation’s Executive Director, Connie Gallippi The MIT Media Lab Digital Currency Initiative’s… Read more »

Digital Currency Institute’s Steven Michaels: “Bitcoin is not about cheaper transactions. It is about liberating the individual from tyranny.”


*+-As part of the Digital Currency Council’s Continuing Education partnership with Inside Bitcoins, DCC’s CEO David Berger, had the opportunity to interview the thought leaders that will be speaking at the Inside Bitcoins Conference in Chicago on July 10-11, 2015. Today, we share an interview with Steven Michaels, President of the Digital Currency Institute and… Read more »

GABI’s Jean-Marie Mognetti: We see bitcoin as a litmus test for all chain technology

Jean-Marie Pic

*+-As part of the Digital Currency Council’s Continuing Education partnership with Inside Bitcoins, the DCC’s Sarah Martin interviews Jean-Marie Mognetti of the Global Advisors Bitcoin Investment Fund (GABI). Sarah: Tell us about how and why you, Jean-Marie, got involved in Bitcoin and digital currencies. Jean-Marie: Global Advisors has always been considered by investors, service providers… Read more »