Bitcoin Group Launched for Accountants and Other Professionals

*+-Source: Accounting Today The Digital Currency Council, a new professional association that aims to foster best-in-class practices for accountants, lawyers and financial professionals in the digital currency economy through training, certification and support has been established. The DCC is backed by the Bitcoin Opportunity Corp., an investment vehicle of Barry Silbert, the founder of SecondMarket… Read more »

New service offers Bitcoin training for financial professionals

*+-Source: Silicon Angle Bitcoin’s credibility has come a long way in recent months, reaching a point where we can now say it’s become more or less acceptable as a form of currency, even if not everyone is all too keen on it. Now a new service has launched that’s aiming to bring even more people… Read more »

New Digital Currency Council to Establish Best Practices

*+-Source: ThinkAdvisor Professional association will offer digital currency certification for users of bitcoin and other currencies. The former CEO of the Institute for Private Investors has just launched the Digital Currency Council, a new professional association created to foster best-in-class practices for financial professionals, accountants and lawyers in the digital currency economy through training, certification… Read more »

Digital Currency Council Brings Bitcoin’s Three R’s to Wall Street

*+-Source: Wall Street Journal – MoneyBeat As the digital currency bitcoin continues to make inroads into the financial world, more and more finance professionals, advisors, attorneys, and accountants are coming into contact with it. But there isn’t any kind of standardized base of knowledge for them to draw upon. That gave one man an idea…. Read more »

The Digital Currency Council: A New Professional Standard


*+-The launch of the Digital Currency Council (DCC) is an exciting and timely step for everyone involved in, and everyone who will become involved in, the digital currency economy. Similar standards-based professional organizations have been critical to the functioning of our traditional economy, and there is little doubt that the DCC will play an equally… Read more »

The Primary Legal and Regulatory Hurdles to Widespread Digital Currency Usage

Richard Lyons

*+-As the awareness and popularity of digital currency advances there are a number of barriers emerging, which in the short term may limit how and where Bitcoin may be used. While the understanding of digital currency is increasing, many of these hurdles relate to public acceptance, perceived security and legal remedies for Bitcoin transactions. Bitcoin’s… Read more »

Is Bitcoin part of your investment advisory practice?

Richa Jain

*+-Bitcoins are a relatively new form of digital currency that may herald a drastic overhaul of the world’s financial ecosystem. It is stored electronically and can be bought and traded online. Because bitcoins are traded solely online, there is a drastic reduction in transaction costs compared to traditional currencies. The encryption and the heavily distributed,… Read more »