The Impact of the IRS Guidance on Bitcoin

Richa Jain

*+-Years after Bitcoin made its way into the world, in March 2014, the IRS has made an attempt to clarify taxation guidelines for convertible virtual currencies (like Bitcoin). The key guideline is to treat bitcoins as property, and not currency. While it is a good move to clarify the government’s stance on Bitcoin taxation to… Read more »

Bitcoin poised to shake up government-run currencies

*+-Source: Financial Times Could Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies ever pose a realistic threat to established currencies and payment processes? Among professionals, the question generates a range of responses, most of which suggest there is enough room for all types of payment methods for now. But philosophical and practical issues could reshape the landscape over the… Read more »

Is Latin America Ready For Digital Currency? Ecuador Thinks So

*+-Source: Global Delivery Report Ecuador’s recent announcement of its intention to launch a new state backed digital money in December, raises questions about the adoption of digital and virtual currencies in Latin America. While Ecuador’s move may stem less from the love of technology than as more practical measures to deal with issues in the… Read more »