Call for Participation: The 2015 Digital Currency Adoption Survey is now open!


*+-Coin Academy is now in the process of gathering data for their first white paper project: The Digital Currency Adoption Report. As part of the research process, a short survey has been created for digital currency owners around the world. The survey is now available online at 

Digital Currency Institute’s Steven Michaels: “Bitcoin is not about cheaper transactions. It is about liberating the individual from tyranny.”


*+-As part of the Digital Currency Council’s Continuing Education partnership with Inside Bitcoins, DCC’s CEO David Berger, had the opportunity to interview the thought leaders that will be speaking at the Inside Bitcoins Conference in Chicago on July 10-11, 2015. Today, we share an interview with Steven Michaels, President of the Digital Currency Institute and… Read more »

A year on from Gox and Bitcoin still has an image problem

Tom Hashemi

*+-In today’s TBI blog post, Ryan Selkis writes on the anniversary of Mt. Gox’s demise. Selkis was responsible for breaking the story and this helped position his blog as the go-to source for breaking news and information on Bitcoin scandals. He wrote at the time that the Gox debacle “will be catastrophic for Bitcoin, both… Read more »

UK Study: Bitcoin Familiar to 71% of Brits but Suffers from an Image Problem

*+-Source: The Digital Currency Council’s recently released study on UK citizens reveals that Bitcoin’s biggest challenges are around adoption and communications, and that digital currencies have got a persistent reputation problem. It is in light of the call for information made by the government of the UK earlier this month that the American organization… Read more »

Is it time for your Legal Practice to get involved with Bitcoin?

Richa Jain

*+-Bitcoin – the most prominent digital currency in use today – is here to stay. The cryptocurrency, which has been around since 2008, has generated a lot of media as well as government interest. Several major investors, well known businessmen, CEO’s of large organizations and heads of governments have publically expressed their support for the… Read more »

Accounting for Business Transactions in Bitcoin


*+-Recently, I gave a Webcast presentation to AICPA members to help accounting professionals understand Bitcoin and how to treat it on the general ledger. If you are an AICPA member, the webcast is available for your viewing. In this article, the key points from that presentation are outlined and will help accountants fundamentally understand and… Read more »

Private Bankers eyeing a piece of the Bitcoin economy

Richa Jain

*+-Bitcoin has created waves worldwide since the digital currency was introduced in 2009. Investors backing Bitcoin believe that it has the potential to become a global currency – that could change the way people use and send money everywhere. Instead of the conventional model of banks managing money and its movement, Bitcoin presents a new,… Read more »