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More than 28% of Americans consider convenience most when choosing a means to pay for something, according to new research from the Digital Currency Council (DCC). 14.4% consider fees and 12.9% think about security. Rewards and speed are less influential: only 6.4% and 5.7%, respectively. Privacy is the least important consideration (4%). 28% of respondents also indicated that none of these factors influenced how they choose to pay for goods or services.

What does this mean for the digital currency industry? The development of applications that are easy to use is central to the further adoption of the technology. Fees and security are also important.


Digital currency transactions are getting more convenient, are near cost-free, and the underlying technology is secure – though given some well publicized breaches at Bitcoin ecosystem firms, it is not perceived as secure by many American consumers. Previous DCC research findings show that few Americans recognize or are familiar with Bitcoin.

Central to introducing Bitcoin to a wider user base is understanding the key factors that impact payment decisions. Knowing what people care about (and what they don’t) will help digital currency professionals refine products and services to meet consumer needs.

David Berger, CEO of the Digital Currency Council, commented “Our findings indicate that focusing on ease of use, keeping fees down, and enhancing security will resonate most strongly with American consumers.“

This is the fifth question in the Digital Currency Council’s (DCC) Pulse survey research series. The data collection was conducted among a representative sample of 547 people in the United States in March 2015.

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