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Dear Digital Currency Professionals,

Thank you for stopping by the Digital Currency Council.

Over recent years, I have spoken with countless professionals about digital currencies.

My counterparts in these conversations expressed curiosity about, a limited understanding of, and guarded optimism toward digital currencies. Today, with the launch of the Digital Currency Council, these professionals have a place to quench their interest, accelerate their knowledge, and capture the opportunity that is presenting itself in the rapidly emerging ecosystem.

As advisers, counselors and businesspeople, professionals have a duty to develop an in-depth understanding of digital currencies – beyond that of the individual holder or consumer. Further, by rising to the challenge, professionals have an opportunity unlike anyone else to capitalize on the rapidly developing utilization of digital currencies.

The opportunities for professionals in this marketplace are here now and growing every day.

Some financial professionals are considering whether to raise an investment fund to focus on this new asset class. Others are facing questions from clients about the proper allocation to digital currencies in their respective investment portfolios. Some accountants are filing tax returns for the growing number of individuals with Bitcoin in their wallet. Others are conducting audits for businesses that have been addressing the emerging digital currency marketplace. Some attorneys are counseling on the rapidly changing regulatory environment. While others are litigating disputes that arose when that regulatory environment was even more opaque than it is today. Some merchants are establishing themselves as Bitcoin friendly, which in every way is synonymous with customer friendly. Others have already earned significant and real revenue for their goods and services being offered in exchange for Bitcoin.

The Digital Currency Council supports professionals with the drive to build the premier organizations of tomorrow. We invite you to join our community and secure your leadership position in the digital currency economy.

Kind regards,

David Berger
CEO, Digital Currency Council

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