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HaeKyung Chung (Coinplug)

International Women’s day, it is. Just another ordinary day, we live.

As always, we live through a day as our grandmothers and mothers have, doing our best.

In a life as a woman, there are valuable skillsets and knowledge that can help the woman to thrive in her life. Those skillsets and knowledge work as a secret key to the path we desire to take. In the days when formal education was not allowed for women, learning to read and write was a big thing. There was a time when driving a car or getting a college degree was a big thing for women. In the Era of Technology, I believe all women’s must-have skill set is learning and adapting new technologies.

The new technologies are easy. They are just like home electronic goods. Laundry machine, dish washer, microwave, and others at home, we don’t really know all the mechanisms but we just use it. New technologies with uncertain purposes come with bad manuals or no manuals at all. That’s how they all start. We must pay attention to these newbie technologies, because that is the way for us to witness how valuable ones among them survive and affect our daily lives.

It is important to pay attention to new technologies while they make no sense, little sense or are not much of a use. Because that way we, women can take a part in growing the technologies and grow it in a way we want it to be, reflecting women’s needs and desires.

So, how shall we deal with the new technologies? The new technologies come in the form of new products and services. What do we do with new products and services? Simple. We just try them out. Just as we would react to this S/S season’s dress and a new launching cosmetic line, we try them on and critique. Remember how you felt experiencing new technologies and whenever newer related technology comes, test them out again and update your critique.

All you need is a little attention to technology trends and response to sample products from the tech world. You know how fashion trends go around and they are related in their own way? It is the same with technology trends. There are categories, relations and purposes in tech world and they are not incomprehensible. There may be a variety of technologies but we, women have the capability to try out any new technologies, critique, learn, choose and accept them. We should all do so more often so that more women can become leaders in the Era of Technology in every field.

For those of you who are deciding to give the technology trends a little more of your time, you can start from any field of technology that interests you. The best technology you can start off with today would be the digital currency, bitcoin. I recommend it because it is an economic technology, globally spread that you can start engaging yourself with right away. All you need is a smart phone or a laptop. Don’t go and start reading what bitcoin is all about but sign up for a bitcoin account and download a bitcoin wallet. Then, look for promotional bitcoin or buy yourself 0.01 bitcoin. Then, send 0.001 bitcoin to anyone around you. Find out which the hot companies in the bitcoin industry are and who outspoken individuals in the industry are.

Now, you own bitcoin technology, bitcoin technology knows you and you have spread bitcoin technology. You are all set. That is all you have to do to enroll yourself to a new technology. Living in the days when Christy Turlington reviews Apple’s watch and Sephora gets high-tech makeover, learn not to fear any new technology, give them some attention and make them yours. And here goes my favorite quote: The most important thing people did for me was to expose me to new things – Temple Grandin


HaeKyung Chung is Chief Marketing Officer at Coinplug, Inc. Coinplug develops and services Bitcoin eco-system for Asia. The service includes Bitcoin exchange, 2- Way ATM, mobile wallet and prepaid gift card. From the day she got her first bitcoin, it took her only several weeks to have herself engaged in the bitcoin industry. Coming from digital entertainment industry, she is keen to see how bitcoin can change the arena. She lives in Seoul, Korea, her hometown. Reach her at chung at

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