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On September 15th, the Digital Currency Council partnered with TechChange, the leading provider of online education in technology and social change, to host a LIVE conversation about how digital currency can impact global development. Headline speakers included:

The talk featured topics including how digital currencies and blockchain technology have the power to revolutionize the way we:

  • Deliver humanitarian assistance and track foreign aid
  • Streamline charitable giving and reduce barriers to donations
  • Strengthen local institutions and enhance transparency and accountability
  • Improve records collection, and title and deed registry
  • Overhaul national identity and advance voting systems
  • Lower the cost of international money transfers and extend financial services to the unbanked

Factom’s Peter Kirby and BitGive’s Connie Gallippi also discussed their new radical transparency project to track how donor funds are being used in Africa to support a safe water initiative.

To watch the talk now and hear more about social impact, click here.

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