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Coin Academy is now in the process of gathering data for their first white paper project: The Digital Currency Adoption Report. As part of the research process, a short survey has been created for digital currency owners around the world. The survey is now available online at 

“We’re looking to gather data on digital currency adoption patterns, including not only Bitcoin but also other altcoin market leaders” remarks Ric Shreves, co-founder of Coin Academy and lead analyst on the report.

The white paper will present a comparative analysis of the leading digital currencies. The conclusions will be derived from a mix of objective and subjective factors and will analyze both the data gathered from the survey as well as publicly available market data. “It’s still early days,” remarks Coin Academy co-fouder Stephen DeMeulenaere “and we hope to gain insights into the evolution of the digital currency movement over time.”

Partnering with Coin Academy on this initiative are cryptocurrency charting firm CoinGecko, digital wallet provider BitGo, and professional digital currency development and accreditation firm, Digital Currency Council.

The report is due to be released to the public in late August, but participants in the survey can request to receive an advanced copy. The Report is non-commercial and released under an open license.

Take part in the survey and you will receive a free advance release copy of the white paper. Take the survey now!

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