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30 most influential bitcoiners

Bitcoin adoption continued to grow in 2014.  Near 1000 new merchants joined the ecosystem each week.  The number of transactions conducted daily reached an all time high.  And venture capital investment reached over $300 million.

Yet the majority of the world is still not familiar with Bitcoin, let alone utilizing and enjoying the benefits of it.  The 30 most influential people in Bitcoin on social media are leading the charge in changing this fact.

In preparation of this report, we compiled a list of 500 of the most influential Bitcoiners on social media. The top 30 were then identified using Peer Index, Klout Scores, and Twitter followers. These data points reflect a variety of factors including social footprint, engagement frequency, amplification, and citations by influential writers along with other related items. Weights were then assigned to each factor to derive a final data driven list of the 30 most influential Bitcoiners on social media.

The Digital Currency Council recognizes that some excellent platforms – from BitcoinTalk, to ZapChain, to Reddit – have facilitated communication within the Bitcoin community. That said, in this study, the DCC specifically chose metrics measuring influence outside the Bitcoin community, as central to the broad adoption of Bitcoin is consistent, clear, and factual communication to individuals who are not yet familiar with the technology.

This list is comprised of leading investors, entrepreneurs, cryptographers, journalists, and other professionals.  All of the these individuals exert significant influence within the Bitcoin community as well, but here are recognized for their influence on social media outside the community which is leading to increased adoption.

Want to hear what these influencers are saying throughout 2015 and beyond?  Follow the entire list with just one click here!


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Of course, no list is perfect and the DCC is always welcoming of feedback.  Who would you add to the list?

Perhaps some of the 1000 plus professional members of the Digital Currency Council?  View our member directory here.

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