WHO IS JOINING THE DCC?Leading professionals seeking to capture new opportunities in the growing digital currency economy.


Be prepared to advise on your clients’ digital currency portfolio.

Smart money is flocking to digital currency, both as a trading instrument and long-term store of value. Yet, even smarter money is investing in emerging companies in the growing ecosystem. DCC members have the tools to confidently and correctly advise clients on their exposure to these new digital entrants to the world’s financial system.

“A client approached me about digital currencies. They asked if Bitcoin should be part of their investment portfolio. I didn’t have enough knowledge to advise the client, but I joined the Digital Currency Council and now feel comfortable discussing the pros and cons of digital currencies with my clients.”
Jay Hack, Financial Advisor


Counsel your clients on the legal and regulatory risks of digital currency.

Litigators and transactional attorneys alike are facing cutting edge questions with little precedent in jurisprudence. Leading lawyers are turning to the DCC to develop the expertise necessary to counsel clients on the emerging legal and regulatory landscape of this new digital era.

“The site is very well done, and the library in particular is really useful.”
Ansel Halliburton, Halliburton Legal


Ensure you properly account for your clients’ digital currency.

The Internal Revenue Service is keenly focused on providing clarity to digital currency holders, and you should be too. Forward-thinking accountants will play a key role in maintaining standards and a sense of order in this new digital economy.

“DCC allows our firm to stay current with all things digital currency when it comes to our professional duties and obligations. It’s critical to be connected to like-minded business owners when it comes to issues that are ahead of the curve.”
Ryan Lazanis, Xen Accounting