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The Digital Currency Council is the association of professionals with expertise in digital currency. The DCC�s mission is to support the development of best-in-class professional practices through training, certification and networking with peers and clients.

"Through my DCC membership, I've gotten several prospective client leads, published two articles and been offered opportunities to speak at conferences."

- Kirk Phillips, CEO of InviziBiz

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The DCC is comprised of individuals with the same goal - to build their respective businesses while raising the level of professionalism and knowledge in the digital currency ecosystem.

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  • Record the existence of your published work on the Blockchain

  • Receive special offers from event providers and ecosystem partners

Should I become a member of the DCC?

The DCC Membership is built on a set of central tenets to which all members commit.


The DCC is establishing trust in the digital currency ecosystem. Members further this commitment through their work and participation. Trust is built over time and requires constant maintenance to ensure its is not broken.


Members maintain their ethical commitments under their existing professional designations, while recognizing that a higher standard applies when working in the digital currency economy. While the media focuses on the bad actors, the DCC members rise above the fray and set a standard for the industry.


Knowledge is central to the DCC membership, as misinformation has purveyed across the digital currency ecosystem. Members commit to working within their area of expertise and calling on their fellow members for support when demands require insight beyond their capabilities.


The fragility of any ecosystem at its early stages demands that professional leaders work together for the greater good. While natural competition is inevitable and recognized as part of any business environment, collaboration is also paramount for the success of the whole.


The growth of the digital currency economy requires its maturation. Professional conduct, whether online or offline, is central to this growth process. Members are encouraged to disagree amicably and constructively with the best interest of the profession at the forefront of their actions.


DCC Members build, measure, learn, and iterate in pursuit of their business goals. The status quo is insufficient. The growth for which members strive requires the development of cutting edge strategies and products leveraging new technologies.

DCC Membership isn�t for everyone. It is reserved for those who hold themselves to the highest standards in the emerging digital currency ecosystem. You should consider applying if you:

  • Are committed to holding yourself to the highest standards of professionalism
  • Wish associate with the leading professional network in the digital currency ecosystem
  • Are seeking to build your reputation in this fast growing marketplace

DCC Certified™ Professionals Come from the World's Leading Firms

"The DCC team is passionate about supporting their members and facilitating their professional development and growth. Being a member of the Digital Currency Council has been very rewarding. In addition to support and guidance, the council has actively assisted me in a number of ways, including prospective client referrals, introductions for speaking engagements, recommendations for press coverage and organising for an article I wrote to be published in the Bitcoin Magazine."

- Amor Sexton, Adroit Lawyers

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