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Ryan Lazanis, CPA, CA is not your typical accountant. Destined to bring the traditional accounting firm into today’s modern era, Ryan founded Xen Accounting a completely cloud-based, 100% paperless Canadian Chartered Accountant firm which combines online accredited accountants with innovative software. His belief is that today’s technology can make accounting for small business more convenient, less time consuming and less irritating.

A tech enthusiast at heart, Ryan enjoys recommending new and exciting cloud and mobile accounting applications to help modern day business owners streamline and automate their accounting. Passionate about disruptive technologies in general, Ryan also became immersed in the world of Bitcoin in 2013 and since then has emerged as a thought leader in the space of digital currencies and taxation. Speaking at various events on the topic and featured in several newspapers and articles, Ryan helped Xen Accounting become the first professional accounting firm in North America to accept Bitcoins as payment.

When he’s not busy with accounting or tech gadgets, Ryan has been known to be an active DJ in Montreal and enjoys traveling to places that are hard to pronounce.

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Our philosophy is inspired from the teaching of “Zen”. With us you’ll be saying WOOSAH when it comes to the numbers. We are a fully virtual, 100% cloud-based, 100% paperless Chartered Accountant firm. Some call us the new breed of accountants, others call us accountants 2.0. By combining accredited accountants, state of the art cloud accounting software and a modern mindset, we help move your accounting out of the dark ages and into the future. Expect convenient and accessible service thanks to the power of the cloud. As your cloud accountants we are here to save you from your accounting worries.

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