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Vishal Gupta




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I have had the privilege of working in various ventures in different sectors and industries spanning a wide spectrum from IT, luxury goods, advertising and financial services over a period of the last 15 years.Life at work so far has been a very rewarding experience and my work has taken me to more than 30 countries around the world so far.I have gained first hand knowledge about different cultures, their ecosystems and their business practices through this journey filled with both success and failure.

I have managed different processes and responsibilities right from software development, manufacturing, marketing, advertising, administration to distribution and sales at different juncture in all businesses. Just to add to this- I have founded all these businesses over time and have chosen to manage their funding & finances independently. (Except Jewel Palace)

At this stage in my life as I move forward Blockchain core technology behind 'Bitcoins or Crypto Currencies' have grabbed my attention and I see great potential in the development of an alternative transaction system and opportunities it can bring to the internet economy.

Am currently working on designing new means of creating and trading virtual assets. Objective is to bring credibility and use-ability of these virtual assets at par with existing physical assets like land, Precious Metals, Stocks, Bonds and Currency. As I believe that with growing use of internet and our increasing dependence on on-line technology due to ease of access provided by Mobile platforms will fundamentally change the way we do business and store value, as we move further into digitising our economies.

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SearchCoinNetwork(SCN) is an initiative that combines technology and innovation to create a decentralized growth oriented setup in which various participants come together to create economic opportunity for each other. At SCN we aim to disrupt the present search industry paradigm and replace it with a more collaborative and ethical system that propagates wealth redistribution for all search users.
At SCN we aim at generating revenues through search driven advertising and then re-distribute it amongst all the participants involved such as Application developers, Keyword owners and the user