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Business Succession Partners – Legacies continued….

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Simon founded BSP having witnessed the lack of sensible options for business owners to step down from day to day management of their firms either via exits or succession plans. Unlike other consultancy companies, there are no upfront or fixed fees for our service. BSP specifically design remuneration so that all interests are aligned and so that small businesses can attract the best talent in the most cost effective manner. BSP has a collaboration culture making sure at all times that the continued success of the businesses we work with are first and foremost. In order to help achieve this BSP have put together an Independent Advisory Board of Directors that oversee our clients businesses, monitoring the progress of new management and providing free experience and advice.

Simon specialises in business development having worked for over ten years as both an investor in and advisor to the owners and senior management of a variety of firms from start-ups to multi-billion dollar public and private companies across 5 continents. Based in HK he looks after a broad base of International clients including many family run businesses. In 2007 he helped establish Triple A Partners, a global alternative investment, seeding, advisory and distribution company with offices in the US, Europe, HK, Korea, Japan and Australia. He was Chairman of the Hedge Funds World Asia event in 2011 and is a speaker at a number of investment conferences across Asia. Simon started his career at Smith and Williamson in the UK and is a Chartered Member of the Securities and Investment Institute.

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Every year many successful small businesses close down due to the retirement of key personnel, lack of succession planning or the costly and time consuming options for hiring new employees.

We offer business owners a cost effective way of retaining an income as they move on to their next project or into retirement while nurturing new talent that can continue to grow their business.

BSP aim to be long term trusted business partners giving quality independent strategic advice.

There are no fixed upfront costs ensuring that our interests are aligned with that of the business.

Other services include independent corporate governance, operational management and investment advisory services as well as executive search for senior management and board positions.