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    While many people now make use of electronic devices to read books, there is something special about holding a book in your hands. For some, there is no other way to enjoy a literary work. However, the time may come when these books need to be placed in storage for a period of time, and people often wonder how best to go about protecting their treasures. Following are

    storage units richmond va for doing so and ensuring the books come out of Storage Units in Queens NY in the same condition they went in.

    self storage brooklyn is of great importance when storing books. If the temperature is too hot or too cold, the books may become damaged, and the same is true if the air is very damp or dry. Make certain to use Self Storage Facilities in Queens NY that are climate controlled. Not only does this eliminate moisture concerns, but it also protects the books from temperature fluctuations that can do harm to the books and lead to their deterioration.

    The Proper Containers

    Don’t simply place the books in cardboard boxes either. It’s best to use plastic containers, as cardboard boxes can break down over time. In addition, if the cardboard box has been used to store food at any time, this may lead to pests making their way into the box. The pests could then damage the books. Try to choose containers that are the same size, as this allows them to be stacked to maximize the space within the unit.

    Prepping the Books Before Storing Them

    Although it may seem perfectly reasonable to simply place the books in the container and move on, certain steps should be taken before doing so. Wipe the books down to eliminated any dirt or dust on them, and check the books to see if there is any signs of pests. For example, if any items that look like poppy seeds are found on the pages of a book or in the gutters between pages, the book may have an insect infestation. Treat this before moving forward with the packing process. If using a damp cloth to wipe books down, make certain the book dries thoroughly also before packing it up.

    What Not to Do

    Never use newsprint when storing books in Self Storage Units, as the print could transfer to the book. Packing paper is a better option, and it helps to keep books from sticking together. This is of great importance when it comes to leather books, but will be of help with all. Archival plastic bags are another good choice for storing literary works to prevent water damage.

    Self Storage Units in Queens NY are great for storing books and other household goods. However, owners must take care to properly prepare the items, and books are no exception. Make use of these tips and, the next time you go to pull a book out, you’ll find it remains in excellent condition and ready to read.