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    Kotler and Armstrong define marketing as "the process in which companies create value for clients and produce strong customer relationships to be able to capture value from customer in return." This definition alone can explain why marketing is essential, but let’s outline the key reason why marketing must be one of several small enterprise owner’s main priorities.

    1. Marketing builds value in your services on your customers. Most salespeople need to know as low as possible to make the sale. Some sales people needs technical specifications and things of that nature, but ultimately, the less they need to educate yourself on the better. As a result sense, since their goal is always to make sales. Therefore, marketing has to part of that will create value for the customer. If you can’t create value for the customers, why do they really buy from you? Sometimes they’ll purchase from you once, but will they are available back if you find no value?

    Many times, business people don’t take advantage of all the ways they could give value to their customers. They get lost in the fabrication or product concept of marketing and end up having marketing myopia. Marketing myopia comes about when a business pays more focus on the product/service compared to value or benefits it includes to the customer. You should not allowed this to happen to you. Pay attention to your web visitors and why they are buying your product or service. Use a Toyota Prius not just because it saves on gas, speculate it can make them fell more eco-friendly.

    2. Marketing assists in building customer relationships. Everyone put concentrate on the sellers in relation to sales. "If the salesforce doesn’t work harder, we won’t increase sales," but this just isn’t necessarily true. It is 3 x the maximum amount of to acquire a new customer because it gives keep a current one. This means you should maintain the relationship together with your current customers to be able to lower marketing and sales costs while increasing sales.

    Properly planned and implemented marketing activities are the sole method to build customer relationships. These activities normally include a lot of things: loyalty programs, thank-you cards, customer appreciation events, special gifts, and so forth. Each company must discover a distinctive strategy to set themselves in addition to the competition while building a loyal and long-lasting relationship.

    3. Marketing establishes a brand name image. Usually when you use FedEx for shipping, what happens you are getting: fast delivery, flexible shipping options, and much better service than other shippers. Are of these things true? They are often, but their marketing activities established all of these. FedEx should fulfill these expectations of these brand, however marketing department set the client on top of this picture.

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