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Anita Kulp




S.O.C.A.P.S.S.I SA – Cameroun


Owner, Directrice Générale, Gérante


Kane and Yaounde




United States and Cameroun

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Serving the unbanked and informal sector with services to include advocacy and inscription into the National Social Insurance Fund (CNPS) in Cameroun.

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My experience spans corporate experience here in the US and through my extensive business and political experience in Africa.
. I have a passion for writing and apply my skills where I feel inspired, to include writing for others as well as authoring my own material. Blog address for “Journey To Be First Lady of Cameroun” which chronicles my time in Cameroun primarily through pictures and the English posts:

• Thirty plus years’ experience in leadership, sales and marketing development and strategic business and financial planning.
• Operated a profitable, high volume retail coffee business, driving sales increases at 15% per year, implementing and meeting budget objectives, and increasing profitability.
• Owned and operated a commodities trading firm in Chinatown, SF.
• Five years experience developing and managing 450+ clients as a Personal Business & Financial Planner.
• Wrote, trained and lead workshops in financial, business and estate planning.
• President and Board of Directors Member of Sustainable Economic Development Company with a focus on Africa and a $15 million budget.
• International Consultant – Introduced development projects to several African governments at Ministerial levels, private banking institutions, and procurement of raw materials for clients in US and Europe. Specialty and experience in being a liaison to international governments in understanding cultural and business practices in their local regions while bridging those difference in real world business situations.

Practical Executive Management experience includes:
• Attained first year operating gross sales of $750,000 with net profits of 20% in start-up mom and pop Coffeehouse and Roastery.
• Developed and implemented strategic and tactical marketing plan. This resulted in a 15% average increase in sales volume contributing to proportionately higher profits.
• Developed company’s management policies and procedures and ensured compliance with all Federal, State and local laws.
• Developed all operational guidelines and handbooks.
• Negotiated and secured lease agreement, vendor contracts and all equipment purchases.
• Actively contributed to Coffee Kids as part of my commitment to help sustain people in origin countries.
• Executed financial projections and budgets for core organizational departments.
• Developed business relationships directly in Africa to include diplomatic corps and foreign governmental ministries in Ethiopia, Mali, Burkina Faso and Cameroun.
• Experience in writing policy and content for African political party and website: United Congolese Party as well as speeches and vital strategic correspondence for President of the party.
• Wrote and introduced partnership agreements as well as MOU agreements with Ministries in Yaounde and local government (Prefecture in Department of Menoua) offices in Cameroun.
• Proficient in development of funding strategies for startup and existing businesses.
• Associate Producer for film “Dead Border” in final edit (post production).
• Brought gap funding investor to film “Turf” currently in pre-production.
• Producer of Off-Broadway play “Oy Vey – A New Comedy” December 2012 at The Lion Theatre, Theatre Row, NYC.
• Financial Analyst for MPCI (Motion Picture Company, Inc.) Burbank, California – As part of the production team, I focus on the financing aspects of film and television for MPCI. My specialty is in corporate financial structuring.
• President, Co-Founder, Co-owner, Directrice, Générale, Gérante, SOCAPSSI Sarl, Cameroun
• Board member of JustUsFriends. We have a medical clinic and property in Arusha, TZ and have implemented a business approach to funding our social mission by owning and operating an African Safari Company registered in TZ. Through our Non Profit and with safari members donating time at our clinic, their trip is a tax write off.

Training and Development skills include:
• Hired, trained, coached and lead a team of eighteen people, including a store and assistant manager.
• Created a team-oriented work environment that succeeded in meeting common business goals.
• Conducted training seminars in financial and business planning.
• Built out organizational business core, consisting of Accounting/Financial, Human Relations, Information Technologies, Legal, Communications, Business Development and Project Management departments.
• Implemented ‘peer to peer’ – organizational structure (concentric relationship model).
• Determined initial pilot project locations to begin operational phase of organization in Africa.
• Hired consultants to produce feasibility studies to facilitate build out of Developmental Council and Technologies sectors of company in Africa.
• Introduced sustainable agricultural technology to country in East Africa (Ethiopia).
• Introduced feasibility studies to Ministry of Work and Social Security, CNPS, and Ministry of Territorial Administration in Cameroun.
• Developed and introduced Information Technologies plan for implementation throughout 58 departments in Cameroun.

Sales and Marketing skills include:
• Aggressive financial planning sales activities resulted in increasing new clients by 40% per year.
• Marketed additional investment services to existing clients, increasing overall sales by 20% per year.
• Procurement for companies interested in raw materials, natural resources; focused primarily in precious metals, timber, cocoa, palm oil, cocoa butter and bamboo in Central, East and West Africa.
• Marketed development plans and feasibility studies to potential funding (financial) sources in US and Europe (Aid as well as private funding.)

Career Highlights include:
06/2012 – present Financial Analyst for MPCI (Motion Picture Company, Inc)

06/2008 – present President, Co-Founder, Co-owner, Directrice Générale, Gérante
Société Camerounaise de Prévoyance Social pour le Secteur Informel Sarl
Dschang, Cameroun

04/2005 – 06/2007 President, Founder, Owner, Tetra Resources Inc.
Independent, Seattle and Western Pennsylvania

10/2003 – 11/2004 President, Member of Board of Directors, Invergent, Seattle, Washington

6/1990 – 6/1995 President, Co-Founder, Co-Owner
Java Dal Porto Coffeehouse and Roastery, Marin County, California

11/1988– 2/1990 Vice President Sales & Marketing, Co-Founder, Co-Owner
San Francisco Commodity Corporation, San Francisco, California

10/1983 – 10/1988 Personal Financial Planner IDS/American Express, Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Company Description

SOCAPSSI Sarl works with CNPS (National Social Insurance Fund) which is an autonomous governmental agency under the auspice of the Ministry of Work and Social Security in Cameroun.. We provide the mechanism (logistical support) for all those in the informal sector in Cameroun who wish to inscribe into CNPS as well as provide advocacy for individuals regarding benefits and payouts. We facilitate the payments into CNPS and the account management for those unserved and typically unbanked who makeup approximately 70% of the population.

Motion Picture Company is an entertainment company which houses a slate of approximately 30 film and tv titles with rights assigned by all. I provide financial analysis and council regarding investors/deal terms as well as business structuring. I am being tasked to determine the benefits of utilizing the Blockchain 2.0 for IP and smart business contracts.

The Magical Lands of Oz is in funding negotiations. We currently have earmarked land in western NY as well as licencing with a group of interested investors in India and China at present. We are primarily an entertainment company that will build a theme park based on L. Frank Baum's "The Wizard of Oz". I have been tasked with becoming the 'resident expert' in the cryptocurrency space as well as initiating our corporate infrastructure and IP with services provided by the Blockchain 2.0.