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    Hello friends, today I heard a true story of my life all the people for a long time in which you’ve been thinking about bringing people, but brings a lot of courage today and I am going to tell today.Now before you begin the story I tell about my mother.Friends, my mother was very sexy and her body, the figure was very attractive 38-30-40.Now I felt even filtered intoxication of youth and also sees his mother in their home in girls was drawn and he was emerged, Sudol body cool big boobs and her boobs when was he moving and hIPS was fun to see the move.Friends, my mother wearing a sari moving the hip with his big round watermelon were Mtkte, was mad at whom and always thought about them.Friends, my mother was too beautiful to look at and so many times my father he Cidate are also what havoc rain were sweetheart and does not bother to see someone you out, do in what you say here with you?So it was a scolding them after they find long long hair black black big eyes mascara she even looks beautiful, her height was not even his obesity eye because of well being.Friends on his lap slide several times chest I had a strange sensation in my whole body and viewed Golaiya their raised white boobs, because.Once I saw him bathing the mother of a small hole in the bathroom, when they own bra was stripped naked standing and look very sexy.I saw mother’s boobs were were for large-sized and Golaiya and they take your boobs fun pressed hard with their own hands, which was seeing sensation in my body.Once seen having sex father with I mother at night, looking at my cock mom that day was to be raised to think about them and thought also do the same with your mother.On TV I once saw a movie late at night and always thought about the sexy body of the mother, a father out for two days to work on, because now at home and my mother were alone.In the day that sees the hips mother how she is their Kulhen Mtkati?And the chance to see the boobs on out, I do not even adhere to a twice mother and tried to push them mom laugh.Now I was very attracted to her mother and mother’s boobs, thighs, Kulhen and her pussy was excited like crazy fuck.One night was having a sexy movie on TV and it was a scene of rape, and he was a very tall, was shown around the more than twenty minutes and add rape was shown perfectly how Heroin clothes a punk by Tilt was forced to take off and the girl did not resist much running even raped her despite her and she had completed their lust.In it was very surprised and then I saw my mother’s bathroom went bath lasted only gown worn in his bedroom and he gown was caught in the crack between his ass, that was seeing growing me and sex desire and mother of those wet body seemed to me a very sexy.He went into his room and she go to sleep quote me by you off the light, but in front of my eyes was still that turning the scene of the rape.I thought today would be fun to have lived with the mother and the obsession of satanic sex in my mind that should anything further then due to be thinking now that mother sleep when it’s too late and I thought must have now mother sleeping.I also turned off all the lights and went into the mother’s room and I kept with a large rope like that movie, so let mom tie like that scene in, have I shut the bedroom door, which the sound is not out and all the windows had already closed, because in ACwas going on.Now Mother was small bulb water was like sleeping in red room, which seemed to have everything clear in the light and was picking up a gown while sleeping mother into a deep sleep so that his white blonde sexy thighs clean seemed when they were breathing their boobs were up upside down, which were due to take their boobs and even more sexy.Now in and lay down on the bed beside the mother and wondered what you do?I gently put my hand on top of the mother and boobs felt caressed which seemingly caused little current in my body and mom dropped my hand after a while.Went back to sleep bang up by pretending to sleep and stick them altogether.I Their gowns are a bit above, which was the reason he now above their Jaँgo.I put my hand on her boobs once and opened a button gown when Mom woke up, he asked what happened?And he gave me away from her, but in the sticks to them and said that I sleep with you and I looked up their gowns suppressed even louder their boobs, then more.Then she got up quickly and said that doing it?I said nothing, which all, mother under his gown and said what are you here?

    black milf Then said with a smile that he was supposed to do with a woman, a man and do business with my father like you.Now Mom said that’s not all that’s wrong, then say what is wrong and what is right to tell me not to, so just go quietly ready, even everyday with my father when you have nothing and have fun with you today will and I say than understand you must do so.Hearing my mouth with the word mother went absolutely terrified mother said that you want your mother to my son.This work may not be in the middle of Mom, when you grow up and be your wedding and then it will all you know, it’s gross.I said do that today and I rolled Connor bed mother and mother lay up over the mother was dragging his feet, then took them over in his arms.She once I went to get off from their up and coming over to me still full of passion and I lay down straight draw bed both his legs, but he now began to resist and was sitting up above them and he himself began to try each one to rescue from the clutches of me, but he was foiled every attempt.I started raising sat at the feet after a little above their night gowns and night gowns.The mother began to resist and was thus have no effect on me than against them, because also wanted this day to complete his work.Now I got the neck up and have broken their button because of opposition to the opening button of his night gown that was torn gown.That to me was huge because they have strength was too much and he pushed me.Had fallen down from the bed and I was not hurt, but began to play and then he quickly got up and came to me and started to see me and said that this is the fruit of a bad job.By chance an excuse to sleep when I took him to bind his arms and took a mouth full vigor of his chest.As she cried, I felt my lips off their lips and sucking.She was doing was badly restless and try to escape from me.I put on my whole body and began pressing the boobs of their large.Some tired after a while his lips sucking so I left her lips, but I was getting very relaxed and was even scared with.Then he suddenly hit me a slap my cheek out loud what they do not bid shameless it?And now I got angry and I separated her gown off, which was fitted with the very opposition voice Charrrrrr.She was no longer looking just Bra and Panty in and they stood in a corner of the visiting bed was and what good sexy time?His older were suffering big boobs coming out of the bra and his blondes legs did not have any effect on me were feeling very sexy and their protest in this way.Now she screamed bid that you have been forced with his mother, fucker give you’d love sin, let me God will not forgive you always, please leave.Then I said that I will not have any force you must be willing not, and we will enjoy sex together, please my mind to play the game of sex like Dad with you so desire and I do both sex is seen enjoying, please Tdpao me so much right and you can not do with me?I have so much time sucking your boobs childhood and what a shame that my whole body even if only with your this beautiful pussy came out?Now extended his hand and I suppressed their boobs.Friends opened mom because I had some tough and they threw me on the bed, grabbed and tied to lay a rope in the room, but he quickly was not tied properly so my hand soon after.Now also came across Josh and I opened a shock to her bra, which has led to jump out of their boobs, wow what big boobs?Bring them enjoy seeing it and today have made their philosophy was to drink milk as a child, please once they let it my darling mother please today.Mother stood in a corner of the bed now stood aside both boobs with both hands and I slammed on her bed and Cd on.I had sex vigor spoke arrived and sat Cdkr on their feet that will now speak?My point in going to assume it will not tell anyone and was in turn put their hands on their stomachs and enjoy pressing the boobs.Bubs was hitting her scream loud at the press and had two boobs that all the stem which, in lay them on their sucking and I took the boobs of their large size in their mouth and their milk began to enjoy a drink and looked downwards sliding thighs his Panty.That why he was badly Mclne, but it was not much.I was far removed from nearly completely thighs his Panty and their pink pussy was coming at me clean and black hair that looked so beautiful.I am your one hand placed on her pussy and then realized that her pussy was too hot and she is close to each other to their feet was trying to hide the pussy, but find it not just run.They say you took that dog bastard but you will sin I am a faithful woman in me and God let please you will never forgive me bastard.Friends when I saw that she was still screaming I took her lips once his lips and began sucking.He’ll lay in my arms because now my weight was entirely on her boobs she was Aahhhhhhh Ufffff combines your forward hand in pleading was that please son away from me now, but I was winded passion of sex in the head, so I was going to put on a listening one hand her big boobs without down ruthlessly in.Embarked voice Ahhhhhh Uuffff from his mouth and was in being pressed their boobs, hence becoming more nimble voices of their screaming.Then I suppressed it my cock suddenly then began turning his underwear and put his cock in her Jaँgo and pussy very loud from among its Jaँgo, with a quick wave because of pain was rising out of my body and my anger has erupted once more.Felt his cock caressing rescued from between his Jaँgo and must assume that spoke to him and pressed hard her boobs nipples and had mother scream because of pain.I said why did so cool, fun?Now silently get fuck else would many scratches in the white body, because surely will your sex in today and no longer stop me today, you take lots of fun.Friends such angrily Seeing mom went to fear me, so she said that good will you promise before anyone tell and the rest on?So I saw him on the line immediately across yes, but in my heart wanted to her scrubbing fuck today he had killed me slapped several times.She said that the best you first my hand open. I said I would be mad at first, then do the same, but the next hand will definitely open it somewhere you back?I take off all my clothes on and pulled out the cock of his Fnfnate, which saw Mother quote Hey thy it is very rough and I quickly attached to her pussy his cock and started pressing.His cock then began turning the mouth of her pussy.Now he started Ahhhhhh Uffff and do not bid man.Now am ruffles at the mouth of her pussy Tope your cock and push slightly, so my cock was slipped walked in and push did you strike, the big fuss was used to being half my cock in her pussy until then.Now mother started screaming slowly Aiiiii mother died went Uuiiiiii mother how this pain?And then was inside my whole cock in her pussy in the second attack and mother Ahhhhhh Uhhhhhhhh started.Ma said in the hearing of such incorrect filling that now if only slightly and was shouting like this is just my queen, still on the whole fun?Today you overnight a very fiercely Chodunga in.Now I unleashed full grabbed his hand both her legs and lifted once moved by the loud forward when I your waist with the stroke he with the voice of Aaahhhh Aahh Iiiiii the mouth of the mother lifted her head every single engaged Siskne with shock, which led to my passion and has also increased.Now began to increase its speed and began pressing even their boobs, was getting his Ahhhhhh me great pleasure from voice Uiiiiiiii Aiiiiiii mother put bastard Uuuffffff Aahhhhh brother Hector to death, but I did not hear anything and I push full hit and this time my cock had ended up in full in her pussy.She started screaming and saying she had killed Ufff, his cock out was hitting filling strong push in my pussy Ahhhhh Devil Bdve Uuiiiiii Aaaahh and reaching their mouth on their boobs.Some got it down so that after a while cussing me out and then I saw them cool I grew suddenly speed to their attack now, because of which were triggered by the Shores once Ahhh Uuuufffff Uuuuhh king killed mom ray Aiiiii can not you slow down?His mouth the word hears my passion, felt manhood and kill boom loud loud.Now was putting brushing both boobs and she will not be extracted voice Aiiiiiii Uufff Uuhhhh.I asked to speak having fun sweetheart, right?Now’ll keep Udedkr on your pussy to meet my life, just so the rest of the night and will complete the fun, you have to be very tight to me today.Now that she is upset bid Son You promised me and see when you took me fucking is so brutally she?But as nothing and began to rush attack.A little later, the mother was also to be fun, she said she felt Uuii and loud son vigor as you, but now I go to the restroom.I opened his hand and said that it was good, but no fraud and no longer hold the mother’s hand took him to the bathroom and I first washed by bringing down the opening tap his cock water and Cusogi my spoken mother sugarcane, what say?After the show then sitting down to pee like a mother, I have put my cock in the mouth of the mother and the holding cock shaved his head inside and said why do not suck, much fuss?Today, I speak like that to be my life.Now mother was my cock licking and sucking, resulting in a current one race in my whole body and I was having fun real hard and I know me Ohhhhh Ahhhh the mouth Yes and loud Suck, Lick please Wow Fun came.Sometime it was after I saw that got dressed my cock once, so I asked him to walk on the bed and she said that will happen now, now leave me?Now I said Come on honey and chock his cock on her pussy I nodded to his waist with a loud shock then suddenly cried out loud mouth his and my cock into her pussy and mother’s voice now Ahh Uuuuhhhhhh Uuiiiiii so that was removed and said hearing the mother Siskion still just inside the Topa, just so out full cock and shouting like this just my queen?Will you Chodta overnight today and saying I had to push when a loud shocks mother Ahh Aouuuiiiiii Hey up picking up his ass with the sound of the Ray Uuuuhhhh inside was Siskne with each stroke.My passion was the most moving and inside his cock in hot pussy mom out and was now coming even fun mom.After a few moments I struck another blow for putting in entirely his cock in her pussy, then woke up suffering because of pain with her sex, but also cool it was and she said that you are big hearted and you so Chodta by very loud attack and I sucked the lips of mother and said that she now you were moving your waist, so it has to be me, I started to suck when the lips of mother and loud loud.Now mother was also slow cool down after a while and he was Ahhhh Uhhh.Was immediately understood that now it’s even more fun and now it was shed and flowing back out due to have gone out of semen from my cock coming out of the pussy inside now Cocks White White thighs and it was also slow down gradually.After some to lie above the mother long way when I pull up my mother in removing his cock and mom said that son you promise me that this incident was bad enough, but do not tell anyone else you it always keep secret and never say no to your father, please, it’s a question of my respect for you promise me this.I said yes mother to say all right, but not the rule will give bribe to me something to make the rule and it says I have what they have a strong and he gave me, but if he can later smiling now away to clean up your pink lips on me quote on being busy vomiting by direct films you walk has grown crooks now sleeping quietly go to their place.Now I took mother tightly in his arms and we both slept like Cipakkr each other.Friends, it was my will I hope in the true story and you all will read it definitely enjoyed.