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    Hello friends, my name is a symbol and this is my true sex experience, which is going to tell you all in today. In the meantime, for the last few years, he has been enjoying his life by reading sexy stories and today, in his life, you have brought a true event for you and now you do not spoil all the time and come directly to your story of today. AmA 25-year-old boy in a good-looking, blonde-brown boy is a good sticker and I love having sex from the beginning and reading sexy stories. Friends, it was a matter of time when I was very much anxious to fuck in, because I had talked to my girlfriends a few days ago to meet her was completely stopped and because of that I have not had any fuck for many days Of My cock was now trying to fuck any pussy very tightly.I had heard some of my friends just a few days ago that there is a forest about twenty kilometers from our city. There is a small village of Randis and there are so many Randis of every kind. Just give them some money and enjoy the fun of the fuck as long as you want.Then after listening to the talk of his friends, he went mad completely, so in search of pussy in one day and one of my friends went to the forest just to go there, because now I can get any kind of cloth that they want to fuck me Will run for you. This idea was going on in my mind and I just had to put my cocks in her pussy and put the cocks in the clutches pussy and calm my cock.I was in search of a pussy, but after looking for a long time, I did not get any clue, because of which the mind became very depressed and then like this we were there for almost 5-6 days But we did not get anybody, and now in this day, this work was very sad and tired by every day and in the year, I was also suffering much more for fuck, because my fight with my girlfriends was very long and it was very long There was no new girlfriends in the middle and my cousin’s friend used to tell me new stories of her fuck with her girlfriends everyday, due to which my cock would come in more and more enthusiasm and yearn for fuck .One day my bad fortune gave me support and one day when both of us were going to the forest, we saw a woman from the front coming from the front and she was completely intoxicated at that time and she would come in the way. He was asking for lift.

    milf Friends were not so beautiful in seeing them and they were a little too cute.She used to wear old clothes, sari and blouse, she was from a village around the same place. Then when both of us approached him, he stopped us too, and when we stopped, we asked him something before that he started asking both of us whether you want to fuck? A man will take 200 rupees.By listening to her words to her friends, the mind became very happy because I had got one pussy to fuck, whatever she was and I had not seen her yet, but she was very happy even though Was dreaming of her fuckNow in how much money was ready for his fuck, but my friend was speaking to reduce him a little less money and now he started nodding, but he did not even get any customer from this morning, So he also agreed, and in 300, he agreed to get his fuck with both of us and then we asked him about the place to fuck where there was no danger and we could enjoy the fun of the fun? So he told us that we walk inside a little bit of the forest and know one place in it and no one will come there and then he started to say to my friend that you should stand your car on this side of the road here, here Nothing happens but nobody comes.Then we obeyed her and on the other side standing her bike under the road, we talked with her to walk in the forest, because she was a desert forest and there was no fear there and she started moving forward in front of us. After a while my friend grabbed his boots from the blouse and he started pressing them. Then she saw her side and abused her and said, ‘You bastard dog, do everything with me, first you walk inside the forest, do my fun and my whole fun with you, will take you right here, what will you do after reaching there?’ .Friends, after a few walks, we took us under a clean tree, under which there was a lot of peace, and now she started telling both of us that you will make one of your fucks together, and we will talk to her I used to agree because we just wanted to fuck and my friend told me by looking at my curiosity that before you take it off, you enjoy the fun of it and after that I will do my work with it a little bit comfortable, because you have to fuck It has been a long time and you need it much and by saying so much, we went a little bit away from both of us and started keeping an eye on someone’s arrival.Now, he went to the mare and started pressing his boots on top of the blouse and squeezing his nipple and I washed my hands and started to feel that he did not wear bra during that time. His boots were a bit loose, but at that time we were very much curious for the fuck, so the one who got it was right for us.Then the clove took out a cloth from her and she laid it down on the ground and she lay down immediately upon her and now she was speaking to me to come up to me.Then as soon as I bowed down, with the mouth of my mouth, the smell of country liquor was smelling, but at that time who would have paid such attention to these things? So, in the meantime, opening her blouse, do not open the dialect, and she pulled her blouse up herself, due to which her black big nipple boots appeared in front of me, due to being too loose Were hanging down and pressing his boots in and mocking his nipple. I was very happy in my life and now with enthusiasm he picked up his sari and petticoat with his one hand and put it on his pussy.Then I saw that she had worn a black panty and from the side of Panti, I put one finger in her pussy inside her pussy and began to fuck her with my finger.My finger was getting very comfortable inside her wet tear pussy. Then she said to me that now you can quickly fuck me and you can do this work later, or if someone comes, then your cock will keep seeing such a standstill and will give you this opportunity of my fuck with your hand.Then at the same time I assumed that I did not delay her speech and gave her penty a blow and dropped it down completely and after that I dropped my underwear and her underwear together and placed it on one side, due to which Now it was completely naked from the bottom and the cocks were very tight.I talked to him to suck my cock, but he started to refuse me to do this work and he told me that he never sucks anybody’s cock even if you can kill me, you can kill my ass too.Then I told him that if you do not suck my cock then shake it with your hands at least and you can do so and now he speaks without saying I accept this thing and he loves my cock very much Caught hold of him and even pressed his loose boots in and after a while, when I was not there, I gave him a condom and told him that you should wear it on my cocks. 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