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Philip Schawillie




Digital Tech Guide


Owner and Senior Online Content Developer


East Rochester





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Using the written word to bring the power of technology to the everyday world.

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Technology has been my life since I took my first word processing course in 1982. I eventually earned an MBA in information systems, finance, and accounting from the University of Rochester's William E. Simon Graduate School of Business Administration. That opened opportunities for over 20 years of work in IT and technical writing. A search for freelance writing opportunities opened my eyes to the world of digital currency. Hopefully I can help make this technology more widely known and accepted as a mainstream business tool.

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Digital Tech Guide began in 2010 as a personal technology training and online content development company. While we still offer individualized, one-on-one training, content development has become the dominant part of the business. We hope to use the training obtained through the Digital Currency Council to qualify us to document processes and procedures related to digital currency implementation and use, helping establish it as a mainstream business tool.