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    Native to California, Colleen returned to La after four years of studying abroad in Russia which gradually resulted in ditching class, touring with a band and with a weird, local MTV channel. She would have to have a break from the indie LA music scene after undergoing bilateral lung surgery due to a genetic respiratory complication. It wasn’t sure she would be capable of continue singing. Using the emergence of The Black Lives Matter Movement, Colleen knew they must break her silence. She started by recording songs that spoke for the injustices ailing the African-American community and launched an offer #LyricalProtest to unite artists which can be making use of their platform similarly. The LA Singer-Songwriter released consecutive album EPs in 2017. Her January release "Blush Attack" (featured on Afropunk.com) is categorized as Indie Rock while her mid-summer release "Girl named Girl" (featured on LA Weekly and Champion City’s HiFi mixtape) is alternative folk.

    A SHORT Good reputation for BLUSH ATTACK

    "When that malfunctioning hard drive finally opened up, I re-discovered about a decade of old recordings. Listening through I blushed, rolled my eyes and died repeatedly. Yet a number of the songs I’m still relevant, even definitive of my creative journey. Blush Attack is a revisitation with the vault favorites. A lot of the selects were produced and engineered by Grammy-nominated mastermind, Ghian Wright, whose idea it absolutely was to record the band playing simultaneously. An exciting collaboration with Xavier Dephrepaulezz of Fantastic Negrito is heard on the track, The Pay Is nice, that was recorded on the notorious Blackball Universe (a converted warehouse in South Central that people were once forbidden to go to by my bestfriend’s boyfriend)."


    "This album is definitely an ode to my vagabond years. All of it started summers ago with a pilgrimage to Haifa, a transcontinental train ride in Russia, camping under the California desert sky, Anna’s guitar, plus a stilted veranda over Pearl Lagoon. I’d those places in your mind after i chose which songs to record. When I chose to play and sing simultaneously. Once i became inclined to sing again after undergoing a surgery that might result in numerous years of silence. Girl By The Name of Girl can be a resurgence from the lyrical, lost soul, beach bonfire, hitch hiker, rolling stone, wanderer which will always remain."

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