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Lee H Babcock




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Digital finance will do for the base of the economic pyramid what commercial banking did for the Industrial Revolution!

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I have 20+ years of experience filling multiple buckets of knowledge, both international and domestic, in corporate turnarounds, corporate finance, privatization, small & medium enterprise development, professional consulting and more for hi-tech manufacturing, Silicon Valley, Big Six, USAID and World Bank initiatives. My first business startup was in Latvia and my second was in California. This background together with my PhD in Org/Mgmt with specialization in E-Business and MBA in Int'l Business/Finance uniquely qualifies me for my current venture as a digital finance thought leader and strategic advisor for developing countries.

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Extensive experience researching, designing, implementing and speaking about digital strategies that connect the economic base of the pyramid with formal economic activity. I have closely watched the digital currency and mobile solutions space and have carefully thought about how mobile money and mobile solutions can be integrated into agriculture, health and other development challenges in Africa, Asia and Latin America. The second generation of mobile money in these developing countries is now poised to connect with the $500B USD of diaspora international remittances as well as foreign direct investment …….by way of bitcoin. There are some key challenges for mobile network operators and/or financial institutions in rolling out digital finance platforms. These and other mobile financial service providers are now coming to realize the need for strategic alliances with bit coin providers, large commodity buyers and other stakeholders to overcome these challenges. Further, whether for agriculture, health, education or other opportunities I promulgate three steps for rolling out such initiatives as part of a seamless delivery of new digital finance business models targeted to the 3 billion+ people at the base of the economic pyramid.