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Ryan Dinse




BitFin Financial Services


Founder, Consultant and Financial Advisor







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Digital Currencies and Blockchain technology will re-define business models over the next few decades. It is important for businesses, investors and their advisers to realise this as soon as possible and formulate long term strategies.

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Background in Finance, Lending and Financial Advice in the Australian Financial Services industry.
Previous Founder of and Lending Executive at start up second tier financier in Melbourne. Financial Planner for six years in superannuation and advice industry.
Currently working as Self Employed Trader and Strategy Director of Spa Monkey Ventures, a Bitcoin start up company developing usable apps to promote mass adoption of Bitcoin. Also Founder of BitFin Financial Services which is being set up to educate and advise businesses in the Financial services industry on Digital Currency and its derivatives.

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Spa Monkey Ventures company aim is to assist in the development of Blockchain/Bitcoin products that are relevant and highlight the advantages of the technology over other methods.
We are a strong advocates of de-centralised power structures, as a way to facilitate innovative and open societies.
BitFin is in process of being set up as a consultancy and JV partner in the digital finance space.