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    Slaughter, destruction, chase, a bloody revenge – it looks like a whole bunch of successive American "works", driving spot of Hollywood machine.

    Viewers love it, and the dream factory responds to their demand. Not this time. "Apocalypto" is not a simple duplication scheme. It is something more, though at times the packaging can be confusing. Mel Gibson confirms that as a director is a remarkable figure (apart from his passion for wines). The success of "The Passion" was not a coincidence.

    The plot of the latest Australian production not breathtaking – just ordinary Indian village was attacked and razed to the ground by a hostile tribe. Some residents were killed, the rest were taken prisoner, to sacrifice. Among this tragedy, a young warrior, Jaguar Paw, the son of the chief.

    At the last moment he manages to hide his wife with the child. Sam is captured and powiedziony with compatriots into the unknown. He manages to escape. Must find and save the family. All this is very schematic and simple, but included in the extraordinary frame. The action takes place in the heart of the tropical forest, in the days of the end of the Mayan civilization (unprejudiced about this viewer, does not know, focusing on current events). We get to know their life and everyday problems (such as competition for territories).

    It turns out that the surviving Indians hundreds of years ago, was not different from us – their world is also full of violence (shown here without hesitation, in full "glory"), greed, fanaticism. Could it be a warning from the creator? It is well known what happened to the Mayans.

    Very cleverly Gibson finished movie. Fighting for survival Jaguar Paw (as well as pursuing his enemies) have no idea about the upcoming, unknown and deadly newcomers. Their sudden appearance during the escape character (or perhaps already hunting persecutors?) Fully reflects the violence of white intrusion into a closed world to date.

    An excellent solution for which the author deserves applause. On the technical side, "Apocalypto" looks great. First of all, they attract the attention of paramount pictures. Certainly this is partly thanks to open-air, but they brought with them numerous traps – unimaginably dense forest, darkness, even in the middle of the day.

    Very good to kill time in the film break

    The operator did a sensational – do not impede visibility, and klaustrofobiczność space and so was maintained. Dynamic scenes, as the hunt for a tapir and jaguar escape from simply pierce the viewer in an armchair. The same thing happens with sound – all sounds are rendered very realistically (when the screen unleashes a downpour, one has the impression that this cinema flooding streams of water!). Amazing attention to detail! Realism of the story adds language form – authentic Mayan dialect. Its sound in the film is so natural that no one interfere with bizarre words, and English speaking Indians have given up comic and utterly bogus. Good idea, proven in "The Passion."

    But the strongest advantage of "Apocalypto" is cast. Again, we should bow to Gibson, who puts on new, completely unknown faces, rather than exploit stuffed with millions of dollars "stars" of Hollywood. Surprisingly, none of the actors did not disappoint – seem to be true as the Mayans themselves. "Where did he take them ?!" – would like to exclaim. Perhaps Gibson set the direction in which they should go directors on issues of the cast? After the success of "The Passion" was accompanied by a huge media hype Mel Gibson’s next production. Expected great work. "Apocalypto" fully meets expectations, confirming that the Australian is now one of the most interesting directors in Hollywood (he could not deny roots?) ..