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    Viagra is “the” iconic drug meant for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in patients.
    blog is a well-known brand all over the world mostly because it is the drug which started it all—Viagra is the first drug developed as a formal treatment for erectile dysfunction.

    Viagra 100 mg Pills by Pfizer

    Viagra 100 mg Pills by Pfizer

    Viagra contains the potent ingredient Sildenafil Citrate which is first industrialized as an angina drug. However, the drug Sildenafil Citrate has not been too efficacious for angina and instead gaveout an odd side effect of bettering the patients’ erectile response. Since then Pfizer commercialized the product and marketed the product as an actual treatment for erectile dysfunction.

    Fildena 100 mg Pills by Fortune Healthcare

    Fildena 100 mg Pills by Fortune Healthcare

    On the other hand, Fildena products are generic versions of Viagra, which were created by the manufacturer Fortune Healthcare located in India. Viagra seemed out of reach for most marginal patients and can’t be afforded by regular earners (as the price for Viagra appeared just suitable for the rich individuals). This created the need for generic manufacturers to find a way to recreate the drug and offer the same Sildenafil product in a less costly form.

    Fildena vs Viagra: Manufacturers

    Let us first take a look at the manufacturing companies for the products. Pfizer, the maker of the prominent erectile dysfunction drug, Viagra is currently the world’s leading drug company. It operates on a massive scale and is furthering its operations by constantly improving its current formulations and piloting researches for various therapeutic areas which cures have not yet been tapped or discovered.

    Pfizer Main Office

    Pfizer Main Office

    The company has been around for almost 200 years (it started in 1849) and since then grew as one of the pillars of the pharmaceutical industry. There is no question regarding the integrity and the quality of the products manufactured by the company (Pfizer is a well-regarded entity when it comes to product manufacturing, research, biotechnology, and all the aspects of the Pharma enterprise); however, patients sometimes complain of its unreasonable and exorbitant prices especially for its pioneer drugs in the market.


    As for Fortune Healthcare, it is also a well-recognized Pharma company, although in India. Unlike
    fildenastore.mobi , Fortune Healthcare has yet to establish its online presence and has yet to prove to the world its integrity when it comes to drug production. It is already an exporter to the United States, Europe, Africa, and its adjacent Asian countries, but it has yet to acquire distinctions from international drug regulating bodies such as the US FDA, the UK MHRA, AU TGA, and others. However, Fortune Healthcare is steadily gaining momentum in the Pharma industry via its drug innovations such as its Fildena brand, which is increasing in popularity especially in the online market. Current accreditations for Fortune Healthcare include the ISO 9001:2000 certification for quality manufacturing and the WHO-GMP approval for its benign manufacturing processes.

    Fildena vs Viagra: Content and Mechanism of Action

    In the competition between Fildena vs Viagra, it can be considered a draw when it comes to their active pharmaceutical ingredients and their drug action. Both the legendary Viagra drug and the generic Fildena products contain the same Sildenafil Citrate (PDE5 inhibitor), which means they have the same mechanism of action for impotence treatment.

    So how do these drugs work for impotence? Both Viagra and Fildena rely on their nature as a phosphodiesterase inhibitor (for the Type 5 enzyme). This barring action of Sildenafil is vital to the induction of the erectile response in the patients, as the PDE5 enzyme is the one deterring the erectile response in patients with ED. In the normal model, males are able to have substantial erections in the presence of sexual stimulation but because of several factors, the patients’ hormone system governing the erectile response is faulty and ineffective. Factors affecting the erratic behavior of the PDE5 enzyme include:

    Aging (physiological alterations in the male penile vascularity)

    Drug abuse, chronic smoking, long-term alcoholism

    Stress, depression, anxiety, and other psychological disorders

    Medication side effects

    Trauma to the prostate, bladder, urethra, male reproductive system, and the spinal cord

    Chronic diseases such as hypertension, heart disease, obesity, and others

    Idiopathic factors

    These factors cause the early release of the PDE5 enzyme in the human corpus cavernosum, prompting the destruction of the action of cGMP, the secondary messenger of nitric oxide (NO), which is responsible for the stimulation of the vasodilation and the smooth muscle relaxation of penile arteries, leading to the erectile response in the patients.
    erectile dysfunction webmd and Fildena’s Sildenafil Citrate content can hinder the effect of PDE5 for an average of 4 hours, which translates to 4 hours of proper erectile function in the patients using the drugs.

    Fildena vs Viagra: Side Effects

    The side effects listed and noted for both Fildena and Viagra use are actually identical, and it is due to the same active ingredient contained in these two treatments. Common, less serious, and ephemeral side effects notable for both Viagra and Fildena product use encompass the following:


    Facial flushing

    Stuffy nose

    Blurry vision



    These side effects are fleeting and manageable and should not be a concern for patients. However, some side effects require immediate intensive care due to the dangers they impose. These rare and grim side effects are as follows:

    Chest pain

    Heart attack

    Myocardial infarction

    Convulsions or seizures

    Blindness and vision alterations (cyanopsia)

    Hearing loss, tinnitus

    Myalgia, general weakness

    Shortness of breath, difficulty breathing

    Tachycardia, arrhythmia, changes in heart rate


    Anaphylaxis, severe allergic reaction to Sildenafil

    Fildena vs Viagra: Availability and Price

    Viagra beats Fildena when it comes to availability since the drug has no restrictions for its sale. The drug has an international and widespread reach and can be found in almost every locality worldwide. The pioneer drug can be accessed in almost all ground pharmacies and is also available in a great number of online drugstores.

    hop over to here , on the other hand, are only found mostly in India and some select locations (Europe, Africa, and some Asian nations). The drug, however, cannot be domestically located in the United States due to the existing patent protection for Viagra. Nevertheless, Fildena’s sale is prevalent mostly online and can be somehow availed by almost every patient from any part of the world. Both drugs are prescription-only products; but, there are online stores which allow buyers to procure any of the two products without even asking the patients to provide proof that they are qualified to take Sildenafil for their condition.

    Viagra 100 mg Pricing

    Viagra 100 mg Pricing

    Taking a peek at one of the trustworthy Internet stores, the product Viagra is stocked at $9.14 each for the minimum purchase. However, this is only a rare example where the drug is actually priced economically, as the ground pharmacy price for the product typically starts at $50 or higher.

    look at here from the same famed supplier costs only $1.65 per pill for the minimum purchase amount. The discrepancy between Viagra and Fildena’s price is great and patients can save their cash pursuing the generic Sildenafil brand over the branded product.


    The salient advantages of Viagra over Fildena are its manufacturer’s credibility, the company’s tenure, and the drug’s worldwide presence. On the contrary, the striking gain of Fildena over Viagra is its economical and affordable pricing. If

    similar web-site are preferring reliability over affordability, then it is logical to patronize Viagra, as it is the pioneer drug for impotence and still the “gold standard” when it comes to erectile dysfunction treatment. However, if you are up for trying out something new and are seeking to conserve your finances in the long run, then Fildena is a fitting choice. In any case, these two drugs are similar due to their same active ingredients, so both are actually recommendable products.