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Colin Mackie






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Tagline – Leading Bitcoin Capital Gains and Income Tax Service

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Colin Mackie is an accredited and accomplished software professional, with strong technical excellence in computer science, cryptography and financial services. After having designed and led the development of the new-breed of CRM solutions for some of the UK's largest financial service companies during the dot-com boom, Colin continues to direct and consult other focused start-ups in helping tune and improve their software product development. Now living in the US., Colin has been putting all of his enthusiasm, cryptographic and financial knowledge into BitcoinTaxes, the first and most widely-used tax calculation solution for Bitcoin and other crypto-currency users.

Company Description

BitcoinTaxes ( has provided tax solutions to digital currency users since January 2013. With a scalable and feature-rich platform, users from over the globe have been able to import their Bitcoin and alt-coin transactions to calculate tax liabilities. BItcoinTaxes supports all digital currencies, major fiat currencies, and integrated with multiple trading platforms.

BitcoinTaxes calculates capital gains income, mining income, and spending liability using a number of cost-basis methodologies and "like-kind" treatment.

Reports can be viewed and downloaded, such as:
– Capital Gains Report, including Schedule D Form 8949 PDF or attachments as well as TurboTax and TaxACT integration;
– Income Report, mined, earned or other income;
– Donation Report, gift and donation cost basis;
– Closing Report, a year-end profit-loss summary and closing cost basis.