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As new industries develop, new professions emerge. And when much is at stake and the industry is marked by an asymmetry of information between the layman and those in advisory roles, an organized process for defining and certifying those professionals is required. This process is critical for the success of the industry, as well as the success of those professionals who have invested in themselves to develop the much-needed expertise.

The digital currency economy demands a new knowledge set, as well as a means of developing and certifying that knowledge within an individual. The maturation and growth of the ecosystem depends on it.

Over recent months, with the input of our membership, we have defined the core competencies of a digital currency professional, developed an online curriculum around those core competencies, and established the examination of those core competencies:

As challenging as outlining these competencies was, excluding those competencies not considered core required equal consideration.  While the standards set must be high, the profession must also be accessible to those who apply themselves to meeting its standards. The core competencies establish a base line of expertise, not an ideal or aspirational standard that is developed over the course of a career.

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