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Felix Salmon, acclaimed journalist and notorious Bitcoin skeptic, made waves in the digital currency community this week by turning a review of Nathaniel Popper’s forthcoming book, “Digital Gold,” into a lament about gender issues.

In his post, “Why Bitcoin’s Male Domination Will Be Its Downfall,” Salmon argued that the disproportionate number of men in the digital currency industry will hinder efforts to popularize bitcoin. “Unless and until women can be brought into the Bitcoin fold,” he writes, “broader adoption is simply not going to happen.”

Following Salmon’s cue, Business Insider‘s Shane Ferro posted a curt commentary entitled the “One Reason Bitcoin is Going Nowhere.” Repeating a (more than two-year-old) estimate that the Bitcoin community is made up of 96% men, Ferro surmised that “it [will be] hard to have a currency that leaves out 50% of the population.


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