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This week on the Bitcoin Taxes series, we will be discussing a quality service that connects professionals in the world of digital currency with clients that have specific needs. The Digital Currency Council (DCC), is a great organization for professionals looking to specialize in a certain area of digital currency and for clients that are seeking specific advice. While it’s probably too late for using the service for reporting this year’s taxable income and capital gains, the service is very important to talk about, as it is very useful for people looking to start new businesses, seek advice on how to integrate digital currency into their business, and stay on top of the many regulations required to operate within the United States. 

I had a chance to talk with David Berger, CEO of the DCC about the company, the services offered, and what the DCC offers to both professionals and clients seeking advice:

 What is the Digital Currency Council?

24e48f21-fe45-422e-81cc-2791ed037d18The Digital Currency Council (DCC) is the leading association of professionals in the digital currency economy. The DCC’s mission is to support the development of best-in-class professional practicesthrough training, certification and connectivity to peers and clients. Today the DCC membership includes 1500 professionals across 90 countries – a tremendous and very powerful network.



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