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CoinTelegraph correspondent Dan Simon had the opportunity to speak with David Berger, CEO and founder of the Digital Currency Council. They discussed the challenges facing Bitcoin, the importance of the people building businesses atop the blockchain, and the critical nature of trust in a maturing ecosystem.

CoinTelegraph: Thanks for joining me today. With the recent troubles at the Bitcoin Foundation, it seems everyone in Bitcoin is talking about your organization as the new standard bearer for the industry. Could you tell us more about the Digital Currency Council?  How is its mission different from that of the Bitcoin Foundation?

David Berger: The Digital Currency Council (DCC) is the leading association of professionals in the digital currency economy. Today the DCC membership includes 1500 professionals across 90 countries. The DCC’s acutely focused aim is to support its members in their respective careers.

We’re quite different from and complementary to the Bitcoin Foundation. In simple terms, the Bitcoin Foundation is focused on the technology. The DCC is focused on the human beings building careers atop the technology. I’m not so sure about the DCC or any organization being a standard bearer. Our members, the digital currency professionals, are the true standard bearers for the ecosystem.


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