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The success of the Digital Currency Council (DCC) is exciting and timely for everyone involved in, and everyone who will become involved in, the digital currency economy. Similar standards-based professional organizations have been critical to the functioning of our traditional economy, and there is little doubt that the DCC will play an equally important role in the emerging digital currency economy.

Historical Parallels

The DCC Certification is similar to other certifications that assure clients that the professional has the expected level of competence. Such certifications enable the professional to differentiate him or herself from the crowd. Certifications allow us to hold professionals who are advising clients to a higher standard, and provide a benchmark for evaluating skill and professional value.

For example, the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) certification began over 50 years ago in response to increased interest by the public in investing, and a growing recognition that advisers should have the expertise that met the need for sound financial advice. Original members were grandfathered in through work experience alone, but now the exam is one of the more difficult in the industry and the certification one of the more prestigious. With an annual pass rate of only 50 percent or fewer, the CFA certification guarantees that the holder has the requisite depth of knowledge to offer sound guidance to clients seeking risk adjusted investment returns.


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