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In many ways, my path to bitcoin unknowingly started long before bitcoin existed. My early career focused on studying and working in marketing, with ancillary interests in both law and international trade. I decided to attend law school because I saw both small businesses as well as multinational corporations get lost in the quagmire of confusing and heavy regulatory schemes, and I wanted to help companies successfully navigate those waters.

My first few years of law practice involved financial litigation, so by the time I learned about bitcoin, I had accumulated the perfect mix of interests and experience to get excited about the technology. When I began meeting the innovators in crypto, I quickly discovered these entrepreneurs faced a wide spectrum of legal issues, and I eagerly began accepting clients in the industry.

I have since had the opportunity to transition to an in-house legal role at Coinbase, which is something of a dream job for me, and what I love about my career story is that it doesn’t have to be unique. We live in a world where, as women, we have the opportunity learn, be educated, and earn degrees. We have the opportunity to move around and improve the world around us. Especially with the evolution of technology, we have the opportunity to communicate our ideas have them be heard. And perhaps most importantly, we have the resulting opportunity to continuously reinforce standards of professionalism in the workplace: standards where all people are treated with respect and where the best ideas and skill sets win the day. Now it’s up to those of us who have taken advantage of these opportunities to share our stories and encourage other women to do the same.

We all know there exists an abundance of opportunity across a wide diversity of career backgrounds in bitcoin, and I hope that through Bitcoin Women’s Day we can raise awareness and incite ideas in women everywhere. I’m personally excited to participate, because I cannot wait to welcome more professional women into the industry, and to see bitcoin as a whole benefit from increased contributions of these women. I’m looking forward to the day when we can celebrate creative ideas, wages earned, and respectful relationships without mention of gender, and I believe that day will come soon.


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