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Tracy Freese

Here’s the deal, Ladies, it’s time you got your heads out of the sand and figured out what the heck this Bitcoin stuff is all about. From one chick to another, I’m going to keep it real – Bitcoin is the credit card of the future and all you fashionistas out there need to recognize its potential. Let me give you some practical ways Bitcoin is going to change your lives.
1) Not only can you hide your shopping sprees from your husbands, but you can actually hide your purchases from the entire banking system too. No one has to know how much you paid for that Anthropologie dresser you passed off as a sweet Goodwill score.

2) You get an excuse to shop for a new wallet. And, if an excuse to shop for a trendy new accessory isn’t enough, this wallet will not slip out of your hands and fall into the toilet after too many glasses of wine.

3) Say “goodbye” to all of those pesky bank fees that eat away at your checking account balance. Bitcoin is free and available 24/7…unlike your hair stylist.

4) You are no longer a good mugging candidate. Bitcoins cannot be stolen which means as soon as the next criminal tries to swipe your purse or iPhone, you can hand them over with a smile and a wave.

Forgive me for my empty stereotypes above because I happen to be fully aware of how amazingly talented, smart, and savvy today’s women are. But, during my tenure as a fee-only financial planner I have participated in too many financial events where we had to dress up meaningful financial topics in pink leopard print in order to get women to pay attention. So, if today’s Bitcoin Women’s Day celebration requires me to dress up my message and hand it a glass of wine, that’s exactly what I’m going to do. Bitcoins are the wave of the future, and not just for the boys. From diapers at Overstock to Very Sexy bras at Victoria’s’ Secret, Ladies, you can utilize this ground-breaking currency beginning today.

Tracy Freese, MA, CTEP™ is an online strategist and lives in the Midwest with her hubby and three kiddos. Drop by her website Strong Estate LLC for the latest trends in finance and micro freelancing.

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