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The Digital Currency Professional is a trade journal dedicated to the dissemination of high quality professional discourse on digital currencies and blockchain technology.

The invention of digital currency has introduced a novel topic into the public awareness, and the technology has implications that spread to all corners of existing industries. Therefore, the journal has a scope wide enough to capture the interest of a diverse set of professionals, scholars, and enthusiasts. The journal publishes researched and well cited articles, reviewed and curated by an editorial board of industry experts, on topics such as:

  • Legal Considerations

  • Accounting Practices

  • Investment Strategies

  • Political & Social Impacts

  • Economic Implications

  • Technological Ramifications

  • Public Policy

The journal welcomes the unsolicited submission of articles from professionals with insights into digital currency and blockchain technology. This professional pool includes, but is not limited to, practicing attorneys, accountants, economists, financial professionals, and computer scientists, among others. It includes professors and students as well.

The journal is available free online to the public, who may read, download, and link to its content. It will be available in hard copy at select conferences and is also available by subscription upon request.

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