The Digital Currency Council (DCC) Certification is the industry recognized designation of competence and professionalism in the digital currency economy.

The DCC Certification provides professionals with a means of differentiating their profiles, while enabling prospective clients and employers to identify high quality candidates with the knowledge they require. DCC Certified Professionals come from various backgrounds, including finance, law, accounting, government, and media, among others.

At the DCC we are committed to providing accurate, efficient, and independent education on the rapidly emerging digital currency economy, including Bitcoin and the Blockchain. Trainings are designed to help professionals meet and exceed the high standards set by the Certification Exam, as well as to advance knowledge that will drive the students careers.

The DCC Certification is administered by the DCC Director of Curriculum in consultation with the DCC Curriculum Committee and with the input of experts across the globe.

To become DCC Certified, candidates must pass a rigorous 100-question test. Tests are reviewed and results provided within one month of each examination.

Successful candidates for DCC Certification have demonstrated competency in the six core competency areas, including:

  1. Origins and Technical Underpinnings
  2. Properties and Monetary Implications
  3. Practical Use
  4. Ecosystem
  5. Finance and Accounting
  6. Regulatory and Legal


To maintain certification, individuals must participate in pre-approved continuing education programs to demonstrate their commitment to remaining knowledgeable in the continuously changing digital currency economy.


What knowledge is tested for Certification?

  • Covers the six core competencies of a digital currency professional.
  • Ensures you are able to spot issues critical to conducting business in the digital currency economy.
  • Establishes a base-level of knowledge required of professionals establishing a career in the digital currency economy.


Why should I be DCC Certified?

  • To be prepared to answer your clients questions
  • To showcase your competency to prospective clients
  • To differentiate your qualifications amongst your peers


How do I know if I should be Certified?

  • You are advising others on digital currencies
  • You are seeking professional opportunities in the digital currency economy
  • You wish to hold yourself to a high standard of competency and professionalism