What is the DCC Certification Exam?

The DCC Certification Examination is the 100 question test that individuals must pass in order to qualify for DCC Certification.


What is the purpose of the DCC Certification Exam?

The purpose of the examination is to admit individuals into the digital currency profession only after they have demonstrated the base-level knowledge necessary to protect the public interest and profession.


Is everyone who passes the DCC Certification Exam then DCC Certified?

The DCC Certification Exam is not the only requirement for maintaining DCC Certification in good standing. DCC Certified Professionals must maintain their DCC membership dues and complete required continuing education credit hours each quarter.


Who is responsible for administering the DCC Certification Exam?

The Digital Currency Council and its designees are the sole administrators of the DCC Certification Exam. The Digital Currency Council is responsible for developing, scoring, and maintaining records of the Examination.


The DCC appreciates the support of its curriculum committee in the development of the coursework and examination. In addition, the DCC is grateful to the many members of the community who provided feedback on the certification via GitHub. The DCC is constantly looking to improve and welcomes feedback from the community directly at inquiries@digitalcurrencycouncil.com.